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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Current Obsessions & How I found out I was pregnant

DRESS:: Vince (love this color) // SHOES:: Schutz // EARRINGS:: Lizzie Fortunato (love this pair) // BAG:: Chanel 

I was talking with some other moms at Lila's school today about how I found out I was pregnant with #4 and thought I'd give you guys the quick version of the story. In all honesty, we had pretty much closed the door on having any more children after Charlie. My husband and I both felt we had our hands full and our kids were all getting to easier ages where we could take them out to dinner, go on vacation with much more ease than in the past. In February, I went to my regular doctor because I had this tightness in my chest that I could not get rid of. One of my sisters has had pulmonary embolisms and has blood clotting issues that could be genetic, so my doctor wanted to make sure that that wasn't the case for me. She wanted to do a chest x-ray and asked if there was any chance I might be pregnant. I said definitely not. And she (being a very good doctor) asked me if I was 100% sure and I responded with, "I would say 99.9% sure. It would be a huge huge fluke." Luckily, she wanted me to be 100% certain and sent me home to take a pregnancy test. I picked up my kids from school, stopped at CVS and bought some tests, and thought I'd run home and take them and go straight back to the doctor for my x-ray. As soon as I took the test, I glanced down and immediately saw two of the darkest red lines I had ever seen...To say I was floored, is an understatement. The next few days were a blur and I went from feeling straight out shocked and scared to elated and excited. I had deep down always wanted a big family. I'm one of five and I'm so so close to my siblings. I can only pray my four will be the same way!

PS:: after I found out I was pregnant, I cut out my morning coffee and my chest tightness disappeared!

 I quickly wanted to share a few things I'm loving now, including these shoes and this dress!
DRESS:: I love a simple white dress. This silhouette is so pretty and will work both with a bump and without. It also comes in this pretty coral color which I love and black.  I'm also OBSESSED with this dress. Will definitely not work with a bump but someone please buy it and send pics!
SHOES:: I live for a comfortable heel and this one foots the bill (no pun intended) I also love the blush color and the pretty straps. I could definitely walk for miles in these!
BATHING SUIT:: Ugh...I wish I could squeeze into normal swimwear this summer. Maternity bathing suits are the worst. If anyone has found any cute suits this year, send them my way! I'm obsessed with this non maternity one piece
EARRINGS:: I used to be obsessed with chunky statement necklaces and now they are almost always the last things I tend to throw on. I'm really into bolder earrings at the moment and I'm loving this pair.  
SWEATSHIRT:: I just bought this sweatshirt in the maternity style. I love a good comfy sweatshirt and tend to gravitate towards sweatshirts over sweaters during the week.  
I made a boutique of more current obsessions below!

xo Chrissy


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