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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Taking Time

Writing this is bittersweet because as I am entering a new exciting phase of my life I have decided to close a chapter on another. With focusing on having my first baby, (and all of those fears and anxieties that come with it) plus accepting new responsibilities at work, I felt I needed to give myself a break from the blogging world.

I have absolutely no idea what to expect when I finally welcome my baby into this world and even more so when I have to go back to work. I definitely have a lot of mom guilt already about leaving someone I haven't even met! As I am rounding out ( literally ) my second trimester I wanted to give myself time for me. Heading into work (now busier than ever) and then commuting home - maybe squeezing in a workout - I am longing for the couch and a dose of Bravo. I was reluctant at first to let go of the pressures from being social, saying yes to basically everything, and until my husband told me I need to sit my butt down and channel the chill did I actually listen. That's the saying we have in our house when I'm constantly on the go - "channel the chill".  I need to just channel the chill for baby and scale back on everything in my life, which is a lot harder than I thought.

Unable to give the blog my full commitment, Chrissy will be taking it from here and I know she will absolutely kill it. Have you ever seen a more #blessed pregnant chick!? A mom of three and soon to be four, Chrissy has her hands full but she will keep you guys up to date with all of the latest sales and trends. She has the best eye as you all know - especially for earrings and bags! And who knows, when my nursery is all done I would love to pop back in for a nursery reveal and a bumpdate!

To say I will miss blogging is an understatement, its a part of me I am letting go and maybe its not permanent but I need to do me for now and figure out this new chapter in my life. And as I am writing this I just got a picture of the nursery light fixture installed so definitely stayed tuned for a reveal..

xx Kaitlin

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