Thursday, October 18, 2018


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

One week with Elle

Our sweet girl is one week and two days old today and as cliche as it sounds, I can't imagine life without her. She is the sweetest baby and has meshed in perfectly with her big siblings. We were worried about how our other three children would react to having a new baby around- especially Charlie who was the baby of the family just over one week ago! Lucky for us, they all love Ellie just as much as Chris and I do and there is nothing in the world sweeter than that. They especially love when she is awake and wide eyed. Lila has taken on the role as second mother and asks to hold her and feed her all the time. We feel so lucky to have four healthy children and can't wait to see how each of their relationships develop.

In terms of my recovery, it's been a bit challenging. I had my fourth c-section in five years and while the surgery and initial recovery in the hospital went extremely well, I ended up developing a delayed allergic reaction to either a drug or something they used during the c-section. I've been to multiple doctors and no one can quite figure it out. It's so frustrating because in terms of my surgery recovery, I feel great- I'm moving around way better than I did compared to my previous sections. But I'm dealing with this insane reaction which is uncomfortable and just plain annoying. I just started a steroid yesterday and I'm hoping this allergic reaction starts clearing up soon. Other than this minor bump in the road, I feel incredibly grateful that Ellie came into this world healthy and without complications- especially after having two babies in the NICU. I'm counting my blessings (four of them to be exact) and I'm happy to be home and settling into our new routine as a family of six.

And of course- especially grateful to my husband who always puts us first and goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is taken care of!

Thanks for being patient with the lull in posts- I promise to be back up and running soon!

xo Chrissy

Friday, October 5, 2018

Favorite Fauxs

JACKET:: Mango (on sale and under $200!) // JEANS:: Mother // SHOES:: Golden Goose // BAG:: Celine // SUNGLASSES:: Le Specs

I've been very, very into outerwear these past few years and have been adding a few pieces to my collection every year. When I saw the color and the price of this faux shearling Moto jacket I knew I needed to order it. It's extremely soft and cozy. I 100% should have ordered the next size down as it does run on the roomier side. It's from Mango and they are currently running a huge Columbus Day Sale where you can take 20%-30% off depending how much you spend! I also love this faux fur option from Mango

There are so many good faux pieces out right now and I've rounded up my favorites below! PS: also have this grey one and love it!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Night Out Tops

TOP:: Tibi // JEANS:: Mother // SHOES:: Ann Taylor // JACKET:: Driftwood (similar here and 25% off) // SUNGLASSES:: Le Specs // BAG:: Gucci 

I had jury duty yesterday morning AND a very sick kid at home and had no idea if they were going to keep me around all day or select me for the jury. When I was checking in, this nice officer asked when I was due and I told him basically any day and he immediately swooped in and told me he was going to walk me up to the Jury selection room and get me dismissed ASAP. He was so kind and I was so grateful he cared enough to help a very pregnant and tired woman out. I was able to race back home and bring Charlie to the doctor. He has a bad case of croup (which his sister so kindly passed along to him) and he's feeling pretty miserable. I'm hoping everyone gets healthy and stays healthy when baby comes. 

On to today's post...Every season I like to pick up a few new "going out" tops. My criteria for a "going out" top has changed drastically over the years. In college it basically meant anything covered in sequins. And now it pretty much means anything that's not a sweatshirt. You know what else has changed drastically over the years? My criteria for "going out." I know my siblings (if they are reading this) are probably laughing because going out for me these days is dinner and bed by 10pm 9pm. 

I bought this pretty velvet top by Tibi and think it will be perfect to dress up or down from now and through the winter. I love how velvet has made a huge comeback and was so happy so many of you appreciated my Limited Too mention in stories a few weeks ago. Velvet and the Limited Too = my middle school dream come true. This top by IRO was my go-to top last winter and it's now on major sale. And this Joie top would have not only met my college criteria but it is also a top I love now.  It would be so pretty around the holidays and is currently a part of Bloomingdale's Friends & Family sale.

I just saw this top by Rebecca Taylor and while it's on the more casual end of the spectrum, I really really love it. It's multifunctional as it can go from day to night very easily. It also comes in this color and this one is a part of Rebecca Taylor's Friends & Family sale! Check out all of my favorite tops below! Xo

Monday, October 1, 2018

Friends & Family

It is the week of Friends & Family Sales and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you!

JOIE:: 25% off with code JOIEFRIENDS. This one ends tonight (10/1) but you can find most of these items in the Bloomingdales, NM, and Saks Friends and Family sale listed below!

BLOOMINGDALES:: Take 25% off items labeled Friends & Family

VINCE:: 25% off with code INVITED. Ends 10/8. I just bought these boots in brown during the Shopbop sale and I looooove them. They look great paired with a dress.

NEIMAN MARCUS:: 25% off with code CHICWEEK

RAG & BONE:: 25% off sitewide with code FALL25.

J CREW:: 30% off your purchase with code POPUP. I was actually in J Crew today picking up some school clothes for the kids and they had some really pretty fall pieces. This cardigan is so soft and comfortable.

SAKS:: 25% off a selection of shoes and clothing and 20% off of jewelry

Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday Favorites :: Under $100

SWEATER:: H&M // JEANS:: Mother // SHOES:: Nine West (similar here) // JACKET:: Driftwood (similar here) // SUNGLASSES:: Le Specs (part of the shopbop sale!) // BAG:: Gucci // NECKLACES:: Gold & Gray, ASHA, Temple St. Clair 

A $12.99 sweater that I actually love...who knew?! When I bought this sweater from H&M, I envisioned myself wearing it tucked into my high waisted denim. Obviously that is not how I can wear it these days but I'm hoping that maybe I might be able to do that a few months from now (fingers crossed). This sweater inspired me to do a large roundup of under $100 style steals. Check them out below! Xo

Thursday, September 27, 2018


JEANS:: Mother // BAG:: Staud (both included in the sale!) SHOES:: Steve Madden 

Less than two weeks before this baby comes and I'm slowly (very slowly) checking things off my to do list. I've had a crazy busy week with one sick kid (croup ugh) and tons of doctor appointments for me. I still need to order a diaper bag, pack my hospital bag, order some more baby supplies and clean and sterilize some bottles and my new Spectra pump. I'm still trying to figure out the best storage bottles to use with the Spectra. Does anyone have any suggestions? Send me an email or DM on Instagram and I would be so appreciative!

The Shopbop Sale is still going strong and I've actually made multiple orders- mostly shoes and boots. I always over order because their return process is the easiest out there. I ended up buying these booties and these mules. I bought this sweatshirt- love the color and the sleeves. I love this button down and obsessed with this shawl sweater. And this coat looks like the coziest thing on the planet.  

Here are some more favorites!


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