Friday, January 18, 2019

BLUSH LOOK & Weekend Sales

COAT:: Bernardo (on sale!) // DRESS:: Joie // BAG:: Chanel // EARRINGS:: Asha // SHOES:: Jimmy Choo (lower heel here)

Hello everyone and happy Friday! We have had a really busy week over here and I'm pretty run down. I picked up my first cold since last winter and I'm pretty bummed about it. My cold coupled with minimal sleep has me feeling quite miserable. I started taking those Elderberry supplements that you all raved about and I'm hoping they cut down my "sick time" but who knows. We are also supposed to be going to Florida on Sunday but the upcoming snowstorm has me wondering if our flight will even take off. I haven't packed a single thing...

On to today's post! I stumbled upon this pretty blush dress the day before Ellie's Baptism back in December. I had really wanted to wear a light colored dress to it but couldn't find anything online that wasn't dripping in sequins and beads (right before Christmas). I was on my way to pick up a Christmas gift and decided to pop in the Joie store on Greenwich Ave and my eyes were quickly drawn to this pretty shade of pale blush. This dress is the perfect combination of feminine and comfort and it's a dress that I know I will wear for years to come. I also had a follower message me on Instagram wondering if it would for her baby shower coming up- she ended up buying the dress and it fits her perfectly!

These Asha earrings are also my new favorites to wear. I get so many compliments every time I wear them. An added bonus is that they aren't heavy at all!

I also wanted to share a few sales happening right now. My coat that I'm wearing in these pictures is currently on sale. It has a detachable fur collar and I took mine off and like it much better that way.

VINCE:: extra 40% off all sale. My go to blanket wrap coat is on major sale as well as this sweater and this one as well. Also love these booties.

ANTHROPOLOGIE:: 20% off all clothing, shoes and accessories. I love buying my jeans from Anthro. I have my eyes on this pair.  Love this sweatshirt. And obsessed with these joggers!

Monday, January 14, 2019

For the Home

I always get home decor catalogs in the mail and I usually put them aside in hopes that I can sneak a few minutes to myself and flip through them. Most of the time they end up taking up space and collecting dust in the little nook on my kitchen counter that's reserved for all of my clutter. Eventually they end up finding their way to our recycling bin and the cycle starts all over again when the next batch of catalogs gets delivered. This morning however, I dedicated my five free minutes to looking at the new Serena and Lily catalog and decided it was the perfect time to do a home decor roundup on the blog. Here is what I'm loving right now::

Friday, January 11, 2019


SWEATER:: Michelle Mason // EARRINGS :: Lizzie Fortunato

Happy Friday! Thank you so much for those of you who submitted questions on Instagram stories the other day. I was extremely shocked to see that the majority of the questions asked were kid/family related. It's the part of this whole blog that I have the hardest time with. I'll touch more on this in the questions below! Once again, thank you for asking questions and if this post is something you enjoy reading, please let me know and I will continue to do it! Xo

PS: I combined some of the questions so it wouldn't be too redundant and I couldn't get to all questions but will save some for next time and answer you directly if I didn't get to yours today! I also didn't have time to proof read- sorry for the typos!

Q: What is life like with 4 kids? Share any tips for embracing the chaos! Do you ever sleep?

A: I probably could dedicate multiple blog posts to this topic! I'm not going to pretend life with four kids is all rainbows and sunshine all the time because it's not. It's amazing of course and I feel so lucky to have my four healthy children, but it can definitely be challenging at times. Before Ellie was born, we had a pretty good routine going. We were in a good groove and when Ellie came into the picture, our routine took a massive hit (in the best way possible but took a hit nonetheless) Just like with any major life change, there's an adjustment period and we are in it right now trying to find our new normal. My best piece of advice for "embracing the chaos" would be to try your best to go with the flow. Don't be too stressed out about schedules. Celebrate the tiny victories- a victory for us is when all the kids are asleep and in bed by 8pm and my husband and I can actually watch a show together in peace and quiet. In terms of sleep...let's just say I'm not getting much these days. With four kids, chances are someone is going to wake up at night. Right now, Charlie (our two year old) is giving us the most trouble. He learned how to climb out of his crib (even in his sleep sack) and now he is getting out of his crib at all hours of the night. He has also been waking up for the day at 4:30 almost every morning. Ellie is actually a decent sleeper. She goes down anywhere between 7:30-8:30 and for the most part will sleep until 7:30. But she stirs throughout the night and I find myself camping out in her nursery, putting her pacifier back in her mouth over and over again. So yes, to sum it up life with four is exhausting but it's also really wonderful and the biggest blessing. I'm so close with my siblings and rely on them for just about everything. I know whenever I need something I can always count on them and I'm so happy my little crew will have that same support system. Watching each of their individual relationships with their siblings bud and grow is pure magic. 

Q: What is your bedtime routine for all children?

A: My husband and I divide and conquer at night. He takes the older three and will brush their teeth, get them ready for bed, and tell them/read them a story in Hunter and Lila's room. While he's with the big kids, I'm with Ellie. I give her a bath around 6:30, change her into her pajamas and give her her last feeding of the night by 7. She has a little bit of reflux going on so I have to hold her up for quite a bit before I put her down for the night. If we are lucky, all of the kids are asleep by 8. 

Q: Advice for struggling with the decision to go from 2 to 3 kids.

A: I feel like this is a tough one because it's such a personal decision. For us, we always knew we wanted more than two children. Like I said before, I'm so close with my siblings and absolutely loved growing up in a big family. I'm one of five! We thought we were done at three but deep down I always wanted a fourth and that's why Ellie was the sweetest surprise. I cannot imagine life without her. My one piece of advice for anyone who is not sure about having another child: I don't think anyone ever regrets the decision to have one more. Yes, it makes life slightly more complicated but it is also the biggest blessing. With that said, it's such a personal decision and I know there are so many factors that go into that decision other than just the desire for another child. 

Q: What is your AM and PM skincare routine?

A: I'm definitely going to dedicate an entire post for my skincare routine. But to quickly break it down. In the morning I usually just wash my face with a warm washcloth and spritz my face with this hydrating spray. I then apply my vitamin c serum, under eye cream, and finish with my moisturizer. I try not to wear any makeup during the week unless I have somewhere to go- but if I'm just running around with the kids I don't wear anything. At night: I always shower at night. After my shower, I saturate a cotton pad with this toner and smooth all over my face and neck. I then apply my favorite serum ever, Vintner's daughter, and then apply the same under eye cream, moisturizer, and if I feel like I need some extra hydration, I will also apply this facial oil over my moisturizer. 

Q: Would love to see more family content. Will you share more on your blog/stories?

A: This is where I've always struggled. I love sharing little tidbits of our life and my kids throughout my blog posts and the tiniest bit on Instagram. It's impossible not to because my family is my entire life. I'm a stay at home mom first and run this blog on the side. But for the most part, I like to keep our daily lives off Instagram. I was really struggling with this last year because my role as a mom is basically the entire chunk of my day. And by not being as active on stories and sharing my day was really impacting my blog's growth. Sharing my family is such a great way to connect with my readers and followers and to be honest I love seeing all of my blogger friends' families and kids on stories and find I can relate to them so much more when I see them as mothers. But for me personally, the thought of putting my kids out there just didn't sit well with me. So I came to the decision last month that it's just not something I'm going to change my stance on. I've had to turn down some great campaigns that wanted to include my children and while it was frustrating saying no to brands that I love, I knew it was the right call for me and my family. While I'll continue sharing little tidbits on stories and on the blog, for the most part my kids and their faces won't be showing up on the blog or Instagram too often. Maybe little bits here and there but that's about it. This is actually one of the reasons I loved seeing so many of the questions you asked on stories being directed towards my role as a mother because it allows me to share my family life with you without putting my kids out there. So when it comes to talking about general things like routines, products I'm loving, difficulties I'm having with bedtimes etc, or any other general challenges I'm facing as a mom, I would love to share! And I'm happy to share! So please ask away! In the meantime, I'm going to continue trying to figure out more ways to incorporate my "mom life" into the blog and Instagram. If you have any thoughts or ideas, send them my way! 

Q: What is your favorite purchase of 2018?

A: This is actually very difficult to answer...I would have to say my navy Golden Goose sneakers because I wear them all of the time.  

Q: What was the toughest age for you with kids? I feel in over my head!

A: This is a tough one because each one of my kids is so different. My oldest was a really tough baby and toddler. Once he turned three it was as if a switch flipped and he turned into my easiest child. He is so even tempered and a pretty go with the flow guy. My three year old daughter was a very easy baby. As soon as she hit 18 months thought she had an opinion about everything. She will not let me dress her anymore and goes from being the happiest little girl to a full blown meltdown in a matter of seconds. However, she will drop just about anything the second I ask her to help me with Ellie. She is obsessed with her and her role as big sister. And my two year old boy has the funniest personality. So far we haven't had any major difficulties with him yet...He's feisty and scrappy and cracks us up all of the time. Our only complaint is our current nighttime struggles with him! But he has the best temperament and pretty much goes along happily with whatever we are doing. Not sure if any of this answered your question! Moral of the story, every kid is different. But I've heard the odd years are supposed to be the tough ones!

Q: What are your baby must haves?

Q: How do you store outgrown baby clothes?

A: I have a really horrible system where I just throw things into plastic containers and don't label anything. It's bad. Our garage is a current nightmare. With that said, I'm starting to comb through all of them and making donation piles of any clothing that we won't need anymore. We know we are done having kids, so everything three months and under for baby girls isn't needed and will be donated. Same with all of my boys clothing 3T and under. I'm donating everything to Bundles of Joy NY

That took me way longer than I anticipated. Wish I had time for more! If this is something you liked reading will you please let me know! I'd love to hear from you! Xo

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Best Winter Date Night Tops

TOP:: Joie // JEANS:: Citizens of Humanity // SHOES:: Steve Madden // COAT:: Vince (old) // BAG:: Celine // HOOPS:: Madewell

Not going to lie, we haven't exactly been out much since Ellie was born and I'm starting to go a little stir crazy...Pretty sure I can count the times on one hand (two fingers if I'm being honest) My husband and I decided regardless of how exhausted we might be feeling, we're going to start planning a night out every couple weeks whether it's with friends or just the two of us. So much of our limited time together is intertwined with kid bedtimes, baths, feedings, sports (you get the picture) and we often don't get the time we need to catch up and check in with each other. Our future nights out got me thinking about all of the pretty tops I can finally pull out of my closet and wear like this one by Joie that is currently 60% off. This top is so feminine and pretty and would look amazing paired with high waisted girlfriend jeans. I've rounded up some more of my current favorite winter date night tops below! Xo

Monday, January 7, 2019

January Loves

JACKET:: Banana Republic (similar here) // SWEATER :: H&M similar here // JEANS:: J Brand // BOOTIES:: Givenchy (on sale!) and style steal version here // SUNGLASSES:: Ray Ban // BAG:: Celine 

My older three are FINALLY back at school after one million days off for Christmas break, Ellie is napping (which can last for either five minutes or three hours- who knows) and I can finally sit down, uninterrupted and work on my blog. It feels good to get back into a routine again. I was starting to lose my mind a little bit last week and my kids were itching to go back to school. I thought I'd kick off my first blog post of 2019 with a roundup of everything I'm loving right now.

I bought this faux fur bomber jacket back in the early fall and every time I put it on I feel like I'm releasing a little bit of my inner Real Housewife of New Jersey (in a good way). I'm not the biggest faux fur fan (definitely not a real fur fan) because I feel like it always looks overwhelmingly bulky and animal like on me but I love the bomber style. It's the perfect cut and style and doesn't make me feel like I'm dressing up for Halloween. But my kids do sit on my lap and pet me whenever I wear it. If you like the exact style I'm wearing keep checking back on the Banana Republic site because it does come in and out of stock on the daily. This style is very similar.

My booties had been on my splurge wishlist for a while and when I came across them for 50% off I had to buy them. If you like the look but not the price tag, this version is also amazing.


This is the perfect pullover to wear with my leggings

These joggers are the perfect color and style and could be worn out of the house too!

I love the color and cut of these jeans and they come in petite sizes!

Before the holidays I had a request to round up some "going out" tops: loving this one, this one, this one and this one.

Cozy Sweaters to get us through the next few months. Loving this one and this one.

Kind of loving this faux fur bag 

Shop more loves below!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Holiday Hangover Sales

Vince Coat (on sale!)

I don't think I've ever been as tired as I was the day after Christmas. I could barely move- I was that exhausted. We had a really nice Christmas this year. We kicked off the holiday festivities last Friday night with Ellie's joint baptism with my niece Lily and Kaitlin's baby boy Carter. On Saturday, my entire family (minus a few) took the kids (ten of them!) to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Watching Hunter, Lila and Charlie take it all in was pure magic (Ellie stayed home with her cousin Mary who is just ten days younger than her!) Nothing compares to watching your kids experience Christmas and the show got them even more excited for Santa- which I did not think was humanly possible. My brother was able to take us backstage after the show and Hunter really thought he was in Santa's workshop. It was very sweet. We then spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family and it was really nice and low key this year. Part of me is sad Christmas is over already but the other part is almost relieved. I was really feeling run down and needed a few days to relax and take it easy- and by relaxing and taking it easy I really mean tearing down all Christmas decorations and chasing after four small children :)

One of the perks of Christmas being over = all the major sales happening. I've been doing my fair share of sale searching these past few days and have found some major deals. Here are some favorites::

INTERMIX::  an additional 40% off all sale. The only kicker with this sale is everything on sale is final sale. I went on a whim and ordered a few things before Christmas and thankfully loved what I bought. These shoes (Meghan Markle has them in a flat!) were a huge hit and if your size is sold out they also have them here on sale (just not as big of a markdown). I also bought these charcoal high waisted leather pants- I went with one size up! These jeans for $59 are a no brainer- going to order them today. And love this little white top. 

NORDSTROM:: Half yearly sale! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw three of my favorite Vince coats for 50% off. This is the style that I have and that I'm wearing above. I love it and wear it when I want to feel slightly more put together. This longer style and this one are so gorgeous in person. I tried them on in store and loved them but they were just a tad long for me- I'm pretty short at 5'2". If you are taller than that they would look perfect- or just take up the hem a bit! I own this jacket in the leather version and it has the best fit and look to it- 60% off!

SSENSE:: This is my favorite site to find Golden Goose sneakers marked down and right now they have so many pairs on sale. This is the navy pair I own and wear almost daily.

SHOPBOP:: Shopbop just marked down a ton of items. Love this coat, this top, and this cardigan.

JOIE:: Additional 40% off sale! I have this top and the details are so pretty. This is the coat I mentioned in the Shopbop section- it also comes in navy which I think I like better.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Last Minute Gifts for Everyone on your list

Popping on here quickly to give you a last minute gift roundup that includes something for everyone on your list. I ended up needing a few last minute gifts as well and found a ton of amazing stuff at Nordstrom for just about everyone.

FOR HIM:: This is supposed to be amazing and love this zip up.

FOR HER:: Can't go wrong with a pretty pair of earrings or some cozy slippers.

FOR THE STOCKING:: My all time favorite lip care products for her and this tumbler for him.

FOR KIDS:: My kids are obsessed with these Cuddle and Kind dolls and sleep with them every night.



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