Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Favorites :: Sweatshirts


It's Friday, it's still freezing in NYC and I have yet to retire my parka! I am very excited to be escaping to much warmer temperatures a week from now but until then with work picking up, and there are some late nights in my future until vacation, I want to stay extra cozy. Everyday when I get home from work I put on leggings and a sweatshirt - sometimes it's sweatpants if I need some extra TLC,  but my collection of sweatshirts isn't just for home.

I will happily wear a sweatshirt with jeans to work on casual Fridays. My weekend wardrobe? A sweatshirt! There are SO many cute ones, they have really come a long way from super sporty to kind of fancy!

Happy Friday, stay warm and cozy!

xx Kaitlin

Photos By Julia D'agostino

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lust List

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Current Obsessions

I'm not going to lie, I have been in a RUT when it comes to the blog these past few weeks. I'm thinking it mostly has to do with the fact that the weather has been so miserable here in CT. Lucky for me, my fam and I are packing up and heading down south to Florida in a few days and I cannot wait. I've been trying really hard not to shop much lately but I couldn't help myself and ordered a few things for my trip. I also have been browsing new spring and summer pieces and wanted to share five things I'm obsessing over this week.

1. My friend Lily from gold & gray recently sent me the cutest package with some of her beautiful pieces. This choker (pictured above) is so delicate and pretty and I love it layered with some of my other necklaces. I've been wearing it almost daily since I got it. She also has really cute tassel and pom pom bracelets that are perfect for summer.

2. I just ordered this jumpsuit for Florida. I was a little unsure at first because when I first glanced at it I thought it was a dress and loved it. I then quickly realized it had legs and hesitated buying it...BUT I love the print, colors, and the top of it so much I thought I'd give it a try. I'll let you know what I think when it comes!

3. Anyone else out there really love basket beach bags but after purchasing realized how annoying they are to pack? I have a ton of canvas and cloth type beach bags that I usually keep in the back of my car with towels and goggles during the summer but I wanted a beach bag that felt a little more like me that could not only fit all of my children's crap  stuff but could also fold up nicely in my suitcase. After looking around online, I decided on this one by Fallon & Royce. It's pretty and neutral and I love the handles and ivory tassel. Best of all, it's large enough to fit everything I need for the whole family at the beach!

4. These sandals are back for the third (maybe even fourth?) year in a row and I think I'm finally going to purchase them. I can't tell you how many times I had them sitting in my cart only to come back a few days later and they were sold out. Love them so much!

5. You all know I love me a good pair of hoop earrings! I bought a larger pair of front facing hoops last year but had been looking for a smaller pair I could wear everyday. Just found these and they are $50. They will definitely be a part of my next Shopbop purchase!

xo Chrissy


Monday, March 12, 2018

Spring Jackets

JACKET:: Madewell // JEANS:: AG // SHOES:: Saks Off Fifth // TANK:: Splendid

Although today is freezing, daylight savings happened over the weekend and it's just another reminder that Spring and Summer are right around the corner. It was definitely tough getting up this morning and putting on my parka but I am hoping only a few more weeks and I can officially retire the parka and wear lighter Spring jackets.

Two that I have ready to go this season are pictured in today's post. The cream one I scooped up at Madewell and actually wore last night to dinner. I have received a ton of compliments on this jacket even from my husband! It kind of doubles as a sweater / jacket - I did wear it under my parka heading to dinner last night! I also think it would look really pretty with white jeans for a totally neutral look! 

The second jacket (c/o Ann Taylor) is really fun to wear dressed up or down. Here I am wearing it more casually with jeans and a tank but the tweed with the ruffles offers you the option to wear it over a dress or pants! 

Shop more Spring jackets below!

xx Kaitlin

Photos By Julia D'agostino

Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Favorites :: Blush


It's finally Friday and the weather in NYC has been all over the place! We had a nor'easter, then we had a winter snowstorm and now its freezing and sunny! Chrissy and I have been itching to get into lighter tones and so we wanted to round up all things blush for today's Friday Favorites! I'm currently in this  pink sweater and have also realized I was never a "pink" person until recently. Blush tones look really great with light or dark hair, and give you a nice soft appearance. It's ultra feminine which I love too! Happy Friday!

xx Kaitlin

Photos By Julia D'agostino

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Spring Tones

ON CHRISSY:: TOP :: Ann Taylor (c/o)  // JEANS :: Citizens of Humanity // SHOES :: Ann Taylor (c/o) // BAG:: Chanel // EARRINGS :: Bronzallure // CHOKER :: Gold & Grey 

ON KAITLIN:: JACKET :: Ann Taylor (c/o) // JEANS :: AG  // SHOES :: Saks Off Fifth // TANK :: Splendid  // EARRINGS :: Bronzallure

With Spring just around the corner (or so the calendar says-what was up with yesterday's snowstorm?) we can start to bust out our lighter layers and softer tones and say goodbye to our dark puffy jackets, hats and gloves. Both sets of our outfits shown in today's post feature a few of our favorite pieces for Spring. Pretty blouses, statement jackets, a great pair of shoes (Kaitlin's are seriously marked down), and of course our favorite denim

ON CHRISSY:: SWEATER:: Ann Taylor (c/o) // JEANS :: Citizens of Humanity // BAG:: Celine // SHOES:: Ann Taylor (c/o) // EARRINGS:: Asha 

ON KAITLIN:: TOP:: Ann Taylor (c/o) // JEANS :: Frame // SHOES :: Aquazzura (on major sale) // EARRINGS :: Bronzallure  // BAG:: Lanvin

Another springtime favorite is the color blush. We simply cannot get enough of this soft pink hue. Kaitlin's top is the epitome of feminine and looked so pretty draped over her little baby bump. And everyone needs that perfect in-between weather sweater that Chrissy has on- not too thin or too thick but just right. How cute is the ruffle detail?

photos by Julia Dags

PS:: Ann Taylor is offering 40% off your purchase during their Friends of Ann Event which means you can shop Chrissy's grey blouse and blush sweater and Kaitlin's navy jacket and blush top at a seriously discounted price. We also love this white top and this flared sleeve sweater and have rounded up some more favorites below!

xo Kaitlin & Chrissy


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Big Annoucement

SWEATER:: Madewell // JEANS:: AG // FLATS:: Saks Off Fifth

Surprise! I am expecting my first baby at the end of August and Grant and I couldn't be more thrilled! Being my first time, I definitely have felt a lot of anxiety just because everything is brand new. You can do all the reading and research you want but nothing really prepares you for how your body will react to something like this. 

The first few weeks I felt good, I had an appetite and energy just mild cramping that I knew was normal. Week 6 (and at exactly week 6), my nausea hit me really hard. I'm 15 weeks today and although it's not totally gone it has definitely lightened up. Bagels became my best friend the first three months, I couldn't really get anything else down. So for three months I basically lived an all carb diet! At times I would feel really guilty about this, like I wasn't giving the baby anything nutritious plus I wasn't working out. I felt like a total slob, but I was listening to my body and not pushing it. At around 12 weeks I slowly started to incorporate fruit and egg whites into my mornings for more fuel and I got back into working out. I've been going to Flybarre three times a week and spin once and it feels really good to be active and sweat. I've read a lot about how working out during pregnancy will help you carry, during labor and post so that's all the motivation I need right there!

Daytime from about 6-12 weeks was never an issue for me, it was really the mornings and the evening that were tough. At week 12 it flipped and all of a sudden I felt really off during the day so lunch was very touch and go. Dinner time was probably my worst time. Around 630pm every single day (and still today) I feel incredibly nauseas. I tried to explain it to my husband as your worst hangover and there's nothing you can do - plus try having it last for months on end! I think explaining it like that made a lot of sense to him!

Today entering week 15, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm really crossing my fingers that I start to feel more like me in the next few weeks. One thing I'm pretty shocked about is how well I am doing without caffeine! I would get a coffee every single morning and the thought of not having one made me tired. But I've been doing really well without it, I just can't seem to stay up past 9 anymore but I am welcoming the earlier bed time! 

As for clothing, I have only purchased a few maternity items. I really want to try and stay away from maternity and wear normal clothing and just size up. Sorry to let all you future mams know but the maternity industry still seems SO dated! The tops and most dresses could be SO much better! BUT since my stomach has popped, I did buy a few pairs of maternity jeans ( the AG ones pictured above are so comfy) and I bought a few other staples. Tanks, tees, and the best yoga pants have been really helpful with this new tummy. It's been pretty hard shopping, because I'm just not sure what will fit me the next month so it's been order / return / repeat. 

Stay tuned for much more bump-dates!

xx Kaitlin

Photos By Julia D'Agostino


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