Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Net-A-Porter Flash Beauty Sale

Net-A-Porter is having a flash 24 hour only sale on beauty with code BEAUTY15. It's the perfect time to stock up on favorites or products you have been wanting to try. Indie Lee and Tata Harper have both been favorite lines of mine for quite some time now. I love Indie Lee's toner, face oil, and moisturizer. Tata Harper has the best resurfacing mask and facial oil.

My scent of the summer has been AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle. It smells like summer in a bottle but I will most likely be wearing it all year long. And the bottle is basically a piece of art. I leave it out and displayed in my closet's bureau.

I have really been wanting to try the Dr. Barbara Sturm line. It is pretty costly but I have heard such amazing things about the products. This serum is supposed to be the best.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Anthropologie Sitewide Sale

Anthropolgie is having their Anthroperks sitewide sale- 20% off everything if you are signed up as an Anthro member. It's super easy to do! Just head to their homepage and click sign in or sign up. 
  • My jeans that I always get asked about (pictured above) are included in the sale. 
  • Speaking of jeans, Anthro has the BEST selection in my opinion. Citizens are my current favorite brand. 
  • I almost bought this dress on Shopbop this morning! So glad I waited because now it's 20% off- if you like it, hurry and buy it now because it will most likely be sold out by the end of the day. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Intermix Summer Sale

Just happened to pop on the Intermix site this morning and noticed they are having a great summer sale with some killer deals. Thought I'd share some favorites with you!

  • Ok, I know this is still expensive. But this sweater is my dream sweater. 
  • This is such a good deal! I saw this in stores and almost bought it but they didn't have my size. It reminds me so much of IRO but the price is a fraction of what IRO is. 
  • Such a great cardigan to throw over just about anything- dresses, tops etc. 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

The July Edit

DRESS:: Carolina K // SANDALS:: Palmetto Handmade c/o // BAG:: Palmetto Handmade c/o // WHITE ORB NECKLACE:: Asha // INITIAL NECKLACE:: Zoe Lev

WEEKEND UPDATE:: It's hard to believe it's the middle of July already. Summer days go by so quickly, don't you think? We had one of the nicest weekends. We went to the beach yesterday and had some friends over today for swimming and lunch. The kids stayed in the pool all day long and we practically had to drag them out. I was really nervous about moving into a home that had a pool. A pool was actually on my list of negatives while house hunting. We ended up fencing off the part of the yard where the pool is and we also installed a protect-a-child mesh fence around the actual pool. It's not pretty but it makes me feel a whole lot safer.

ON TO THE EDIT:: Whenever July rolls around, I find myself gravitating towards brighter and bolder colors. Maybe it's because I know once September hits I'll be back into my land of neutrals until summer comes again. I found this dress while Chris, Ellie and I were walking around Nantucket over July 4th weekend. It's by Carolina K and it's the Greta Midi dress. I quickly popped into CJ Laing and it's the first dress I saw. There was something about the color and the beautiful sleeves that got me. I bought it without a second thought and I'm so happy I did. It's a dress that puts a little extra pep in my step. Scroll down to see the rest of what I'm loving this month!

  • This dress. The smocked top and the sleeves. So pretty!
  • I randomly came across this dress and thought it looked pretty cool. 
  • These popped up on Instagram today and I really want to give them a try. My summer skin is so dry right now and I could use some gentle exfoliation. 
  • I've been on a crazy jewelry stalking kick and have mass followed a bunch of jewelry accounts. I'm obsessed with the layered look and have so many pieces on my wishlist. I love this necklace for summer layered with some daintier ones. I also love this necklace by Brinker & Eliza
  • I'm OBSESSED with this pleated cami in the pale alder color. Saw it in person and it's beautiful. Now that it's on sale I might just have to make it mine. 
  • I know some of you are over hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but I just saw this skirt in the cream color and I think it would be so pretty all year long. With a fitted tank for summer and a cream sweater for winter. 
  • I like the style and print of this one piece, now what are the chances it will fit my long torso? PS: this suit DOES fit and I wore it this weekend! PPS: thank you for the love on the Instagram featuring that suit- I know I never really go into the "business" side of blogging, but I so appreciate your engagement. It makes putting the time and effort into this blog worthwhile. I don't have much free time and the little time I do have to myself goes to this blog. SO, thank you for taking the time to follow along and for your support! It means so much!
And that's a wrap! Shop more JULY picks below:

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It's that time of year again- the time when the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is basically shoved down your throat by everyone on social media. It officially starts for all Nordstrom card holders on July 12-18 and everyone else after that. In all honesty, I have scored some great pieces during this sale in the past but this year's selection didn't quite blow me out of the water. Don't get me wrong, there are still a ton of great deals to be had and a good (although small) selection of items on sale. I haven't gone to look in person but spent a good chunk of the afternoon combing through it. I've rounded up some of my favorites and some things I already own and love below. I always use this sale to buy nice pieces. Last year I bought two Vince sweaters that I wore all fall, winter, and a good portion of the spring. I also typically pick up things like Patagonia and North Face jackets for the kids.

Noteworthy Mentions::
  • If you have been wanting a pair of Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee boots, now is your chance. They are obviously still a massive splurge but they have been a staple in my closet the past few years and have held up extremely well. Black is such a classic choice. 
  • I've heard tons of good things about this lace cami. The price is really good and I'm in need of some camis I can wear under cardigans this fall. Love the ivory and black. 
  • I have these mules in a blush color from last year and they are super comfortable. The price is awesome as well. 
  • I actually need a new pair of sneakers BADLY. Like really badly. Love these ones
  • Not often you see fine jewelry on sale. I have a couple of bracelets like this that I wear every day, 24/7 and I'm always asked about them. 
  • I just saw this dress on Shopbop and loved the color. Could be worn now and in the fall. 
  • This is the new "it" stroller according to all of my mom blogger friends. I'm really not in the know when it comes to cool baby gear. We are towards the end of the baby train tunnel and I've been using some of the same things I used with my first born from six years ago. Back to the stroller, it is apparently the absolute best to travel with. Collapses into a carry on and can fit in the overhead bins. Super light weight as well. 
  • The one new thing we got for Charlie and Ellie was the Nuna infant carseat and we have loved it. 
  • And this is actually the softest baby blanket. We have it in blue but love the cream. Such a great baby gift. 

Wedding Guest Dresses

 DRESS:: Loveshackfancy // SHOES:: Club Monaco old (similar here)

Thought it was time to do a wedding guest dress roundup for all of you with weddings coming up! I've already had two weddings and I wore this Loveshackfancy Kendall dress to one of them. It was actually the perfect length on me. I ended up getting the straps taken up the tiniest bit. It comes in a bunch of different colors, too!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Scoop

I'm waaaaay behind posting on the blog. Whoever said things tend to slow down in the summer is clearly mistaken. I'm going to try posting my Q&As once a month now under the title The Scoop. These questions were from a few weeks ago!

Q: What's your favorite beach bag?

A: This has been my go to beach bag for the past two summers. It's large enough to hold all of my kids towels, sunscreen, change of clothes, diapers etc. However, I just recently bought this cute bag while on Nantucket and I really love it. Not quite big enough for the whole family but perfect for me (and a kid or two). It's waterproof and foldable- perfect for packing. It comes in various sizes, colors, strap length.

Q: Favorite vacation destination without kids? And with!

A: The last real vacation my husband and I took together was our honeymoon seven years ago! We got pregnant with our first born very quickly and clearly kept the ball rolling with #2, #3 and #4. I'm not very good at leaving my kids, especially when they are so young. BUT my husband and I are dying to get away for a long weekend soon. We are also planning on going back to where we honeymooned for our ten year anniversary- Rome and the Amalfi coast. Only have three more years to go 😆 With kids, we love Nantucket in the summer and Palm Beach in the winter (mostly because that's where our families have places which makes traveling very easy)

Q: How did you start your blog? What did you do before your blog career wise?

A: I started my blog with one of my closest friends almost TEN years ago. We called it Roses and Rags. This was before blogging was a thing and before you could earn an income doing it. We really wanted to open up our own boutique but neither of us had the business background to do it. We settled on a blog and we were able to share our love of clothing, home decor, beauty and everything in between. I would blog after work and on the weekends. I have my Master's in Education- Elementary and Special Ed. After I completed my Master's program, I worked as a first grade teacher at a private school in NYC.

Q: What does a typical dinner/meal look like for you?

A: Nothing ground breaking here. I don't follow any crazy diet/lifestyle. I went on a gluten free kick way back when I was pregnant with my second after I had an incredibly complicated first pregnancy. But haven't been gluten free since.

I'm pretty lucky that my husband enjoys cooking and food shopping. He usually does a big food shop and cooks/grills a bunch on Sunday and it lasts us a couple of nights. With four children, I don't have enough time to cook anything elaborate during the week. Little confession, I'm not the best in the kitchen but I'm trying. It's on my list of things I want to get better at but I think I'll have to wait until my kids are a little older. In terms of meals, I'm not a big meat eater and don't eat seafood. I tend to eat salads for lunch and always have to have something with it. Usually something unhealthy like chips or fries 😜 I can't help it. My husband is a health freak and eats really clean and really well and I wish I had the willpower to do the same. But I love chips, fries, chips and salsa and bread way too much.

Q: Ideal age gap between kids, how to carve out me time with kids, how to fit kids in the car

A: I don't think there is an ideal age gap. I think it really depends on the family and each child. The biggest gap we have is two years in between and the smallest is 16 months. It's always a little harder in the beginning but as they get older it becomes a bit easier. Our older three play pretty well together (although the older two can leave Charlie out sometimes).

Carving out me time has always been a struggle for me. I like to be the one to take my kids to school, their activities, and everything in between. My kids are also still so young and only one is in school full day (although next year I will have two!) I'm hoping once school starts up again in September, I'll find some spare time to focus on things that make me happy outside of being a mom.

With that said, I've been making an effort to spend more time with friends. Whether it's for a quick coffee in between drop offs or drinks/dinner out (yay book/wine club!), it's something I really look forward to and I think it's so important.

Lastly, I have to drive a large SUV to fit my crew. We have suburban and put the two older kids in the way back and the two younger ones in the bucket seats in the middle.

Q: How is your new home coming along? Would love to see more!

A: Our new home is coming along slowly! I'm going slow for two reasons. 1. Everything I like costs an arm and a leg and 2. I don't want to make any mistakes. Our dining room, living room, home office, and guest bedroom/second office are completely blank. I think I'm the only one who doesn't really use Pinterest but I'm going to start up again so I can nail down exactly what I want to do.

Q: Will we see more kid friendly posts on the blog? 

A: If more mom focused/kid friendly posts are wanted than I definitely would love to include more. But I still feel the same way about sharing my kids on the blog/social media. I touched on it here! PS: I'm always open to feedback and what you want to see more of. I try to base my posts off of feedback and what is wanted. Always feel free to send me an email or DM on Instagram to let me know what you want to see more of!

Q: What are you currently watching on TV?

A: Big Little Lies. We also just watched Chernobyl, Adam Devine's stand up special on Netflix, Ali Wong's Hard Knock Wife, Always Be My Maybe. And since we finished the Office we started watching Cheers after a few of you recommended it. It's actually pretty funny!

Q: How many years have you been married?

A: Seven in a few weeks :)

Q: Favorite places to shop online. 

A: Shopbop, Net-A-Porter, Intermix. For more budget friendly finds: And Other Stories, Mango, Zara.

That's all I have time for today! Once again, thank you so much for those of you who submitted questions. Love love hearing from you!

xo Chrissy


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