Friday, June 22, 2018

Summertime Sprucing


We have been house hunting for close to a year now but really started getting serious about it when we found out we were expecting #4. A few weeks ago we thought we found our next house. We had an accepted offer, had our inspection, had countless builders in to make sure we could do what we needed to do to the house to make it work for our family, signed our part of the contract all within a few days. And then the sellers went radio silent for two days and hadn't signed their part of the contract. We obviously knew something was up. Another offer came through and we ended up matching it. The sellers still went with the other buyers, no clue why, and now we are back at square one. It's such a frustrating process but I'm a big believer in things happening for a reason and know our house is out there. We might be squeezing another tiny human into our sweet home we've lived in for the last 5 years and that's ok! We are going to keep looking (we have a really good realtor- my MIL) and know we will find something soon.

In the meantime I've be cleaning out closets and shelves like crazy, reorganizing, and rearranging my bookcases and tables. I stacked the above books together and added my Mariposa bowl and wooden beads on my console in our living room for a fresh, summer feel. I had a friend ask me to put up some more home inspired posts and I've rounded up a ton of favorite items below that are perfect for summertime sprucing!

PS:: for all my friends looking for some coastal/resort living inspiration, my new favorite site is Dear Keaton- love these baskets and obsessed with these little vases. They would look so pretty with one peony in each scattered down a table. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Bump Friendly Dresses

This post took me forever. I've been searching my favorite sites these past few days trying to find bump friendly dresses for special occasions. It's harder than you think! It's even harder when you can't physically try non-maternity dresses on to see if they would work with a pregnant belly but I did my best and to be honest every pregnant woman carries differently and it's going to be trial and error. So if you see a style you really love you might want to order a few different sizes to see if it will work! With that said the three dresses pictured in the post were all my regular size and fit really well. I could have probably sized up with the Poupette St. Barth dress to get me through the whole summer but I wanted to be able to wear it again next summer and went with my normal size. The Vince dress is so beautiful in person and would be perfect for a baby shower. I love a pretty white dress and this one will fit right up until delivery. My Ronny Kobo dress is also a good one and very stretchy. It's extremely comfortable and I think a good knit dress is a summer staple.

I tend to gravitate more towards non-maternity pieces when I'm shopping and I always try to see if the piece is something I can continue to wear when I'm not pregnant. However, there definitely comes a time when you have to wear maternity styles.  A Pea in the Pod is having a massive summer sale right now and I have a few dresses in my cart- this one, this one and this one.

A few notes about the dresses I've rounded up below::

  • Some of the dresses have a separate tie belt you can take completely off of the dress and sit it comfortably above your belly. 
  • There are a few different types of dress that will work with bump:: 
    • fitted and stretchy: this is a splurge for sure but would be so pretty for a baby shower- would definitely size up in this brand. And of course, I love the style I have by Ronny Kobo
    • loose and breezy: love both this style and this style. 
    • empire waist or a tied waist:  This Rebecca Taylor one is currently on sale and my sister has it. It's so pretty and I might order one for myself. I tried on two sizes up and it fit pretty well. This Wayf dress would also be so pretty for a baby shower- it comes in a blush shade and a blue shade! Also love this Wayf style as well.  I'm not 100% sure how this style would look but I really love the color and the print- I might order it today and see what it's like! 
  • If you are having a baby shower later on in your pregnancy and think you will definitely need a maternity style dress I love these ones:: one, two, three (in white). 
Shop all of my picks below! And I'll definitely keep you updated when I find some more good ones! xo Chrissy


VINCE dress

Monday, June 18, 2018

Summer Pants & Pregnancy Update

TOP:: Ann Taylor (c/o) // PANTS:: Ann Taylor (c/o) // BAG:: Chanel // EARRINGS:: Bronzallure (on sale!) // SHOES:: Ann Taylor (c/o) // SUNGLASSES:: Ann Taylor (c/o) 

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend celebrating the special fathers in your lives. We spent a good chunk of yesterday playing at the beach and then had a nice cook out at home. Everyone was in bed early which made the day that much better. I'm heading in to week 23 of my pregnancy and I physically feel closer to 30 weeks. My sciatica (horrible lower back pain) has kicked in much earlier this time around and I feel beat by 2pm most days. I'm chalking it up to chasing around three young kids 24/7 and having very little down time. I really can't complain though and feel pretty lucky I feel as well as I do! Here's to hoping the next few months go smoothly...

Loose pants and loose dresses are my go-to these days. I've raved about these Ann Taylor jogger pants pictured above multiple times before and my feelings haven't changed. I own them in two colors- the white clay and the midnight spruce and they come in five colors total. I bought the midnight spruce in a petite size and probably should have done the same with the white clay (I bought a regular length). Since everything over at Ann Taylor is 50% off today only, I'm definitely going to buy my petite size. These pants come to under $40 with the discount- code MAKEWAVES. If I didn't have a large belly I would definitely order these pants!

Another absolute favorite of mine are these Leanette sandals that I now own in three colors (blush, brown toffee, and cork). When I saw they came in a cork material I knew they would be the perfect sandal for summer. They are so comfortable because they have a thicker heel and I can seriously walk all day in them. The cork also comes in a mule style and a flat sandal style. They are all also 50% off :)

I've rounded up some more favorites below that are all 50% off- including my top and sunglasses.  Hope this fun sale makes all of your Mondays go by a bit faster!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Sales Sales Sales

TOP:: Ann Taylor (c/o) // JEANS:: J Brand maternity // SHOES:: Isa Tapia // BAG:: Palmer & Purchase (same here) // EARRINGS:: Ann Taylor (c/o)

I think this is one of the most beautiful mornings we've had in a long time. We have all of our windows open and that early morning summer breeze is amazing. I have a busy morning doing some work for the blog but I'll be back in time for lunch with the kids. Today is going to be so beautiful and we plan on spending it outdoors. We have a swimming playdate with some friends this afternoon and then we'll probably kill some time riding scooters until Dad gets home from work. 

After hitting up the mall yesterday morning with my main lady (sidetone I was lucky enough to spend one on one time with each of my kids yesterday and it was amazing) I realized there are a ton of stores having some major sales right now. Here is a quick rundown::
  • J. CREW:: Lila cleaned up shop yesterday at J.Crew. She loves clothes and accessories and loves getting to pick them out herself. Multiple friends told me she was a mini me yesterday but I think she might be worse. J. Crew is currently have 30% off all full price pieces online only with code SHOPTOIT.  Here's what Lila got: this dress (she loves the color), this cute embroidered dress, another dress that I can't seem to find online, and of course a matching headband and necklace
  • ANN TAYLOR:: More and more people keep telling me how they are finding such cute things at Ann Taylor lately and I 100% agree. I picked up this white top a few weeks ago and it's one of those simple easy white tops you can pair with jeans or jean shorts all spring and summer long. It's currently 40% off along with all other full price tops and accessories with code TOPSTORY. 
  • LOFT:: 40% off everything with code NEWNOW. Love this little white dress and this one as well!
I also picked up some cute and inexpensive things for myself yesterday that aren't on sale but the prices are so good. I had been looking for a good summer hat for so long and as we were walking out of the mall I spotted this hat and tried it on and loved it. It's only $19! It doesn't look too great online but I promise it's amazing. I'll post a pic in it later to Instagram! I also found this cute pompom tote at one of my favorite stores and was so surprised to see it was only $55. It's perfect for the beach but would also look so cute as decorative piece at home. 



Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Shopbop Summer Sale

 DRESS:: Mara Hoffman (on sale for $132!)

A happy humpday indeed. Shopbop is have a super sale on all sale items. You can take an additional 25% off with code SCORE18. I spent a good chunk of yesterday and today combing through the sale section and rounded up my favorites below. This Mara Hoffman dress that I'm wearing is included and with the additional 25% off comes out to about $132. 

A few favorites::
  • Love this dress and think it would be perfect for the Fourth of July- it also comes in this color. I think I'm going to order the red! This is another cute Fourth option!
  • This looks like the perfect jumpsuit to dress up or down. Love the blush color. 
  • I wish they still had my size in these designer sandals for more than half off. Such a good price!
  • I own a few pairs of Lizzie Fortunato earrings and these ones are so pretty. They might make their way into my cart as well. 
  • I love this brand for easy beach coverups and this one looks like it would fit perfectly over my bump. Also love this white coverup but would not fit me this summer :(

Shop more favorites below!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekend Recap & A Few New Things

DRESS:: Tessora (maxi version here) // BAG:: Palmer & Purchase (similar here and here) // SUNGLASSES:: Ray-ban (own this similar pair too)

We've had one of the craziest weeks ever and I am run dowwwwwn. Hopefully I can fill you all in on the exciting part soon but for now I'll give you a quick recap of our weekend with the kids. It started out well and we had a great afternoon at the beach Friday and spent the morning there on Saturday. The difference between last year at the beach with three kids and this year is night and day. Last year was kind of tough because Charlie was only 9 months old and we had to stick to his sleeping and feeding schedules. He would grow tired of the sand after 30 minutes or so and also shoveled rocks in his mouth like it was his job. Now he will play so nicely with his shovels and buckets and beach toys for hours. I had a slight moment of panic though on Saturday when I realized we'd be back at square one next summer! Hopefully baby girl will love the beach (fingers crossed). Saturday night my sister threw her husband a surprise 30th birthday party at my parents' house- she did an awesome job (being 7 months pregnant) and we had a great time!

Then the weekend took a slight turn when Hunter came down with a fever yesterday. He went from totally fine to a 104 temp almost instantly and we decided to take him to the walk in clinic instead of waiting until today to bring him to his pediatrician. Turns out he has strep and it's the first time we've had it in our house (and I feel sooo bad about it because we were at birthday parties and around a ton of other kids this weekend). I woke up last night to him crying and ran into his bedroom to find he had thrown up all over his bed (happens sometimes when you have strep). After showering him off, cleaning up the mess, and throwing him in our bed, we all fell back asleep over an hour later. It felt like just as I had closed my eyes and drifted off, I heard another cry from Lila's room. Ran in to find her soaking wet-sheets, PJs and all. Pretty sure I got less than three hours of sleep last night and I'm struggling this morning. I'm also finding that all of those pesky pregnancy symptoms you start to get closer to the third trimester, I'm experiencing now. I have horrible sciatic pain and feel large already. I have a feeling it's going to be a lonnnng summer. Oh and good news- Hunter is back to his normal energetic self this morning. Antibiotics kick in quickly when you have strep and he's already had a few doses. Doctor said he's no longer contagious after 24 hours on the antibiotic. 

I have been really turned off by the thought of putting on tight jeans or pants lately and felt like I needed to add a few more easy dresses to my summer rotation. I ordered this one a month or so ago and it's by a new to me brand called Tessora. I saw the maxi version of this dress at Anthropolgie and after googling the brand I found they also made it in this shorter version. I'm loving the vibrant colors and the pretty tassels. 

I did a little online shopping yesterday when I was lying on the couch with Hunter and wanted to share a few things I purchased with you::
  • I love this brand and have a few of their dresses. This dress just looks so simple and easy for every day wear. I'm praying it will have enough room for my belly.
  • Love this bag with the bamboo handles. Thought it would go so well with all of my summer dresses. 
  • This dress could be a complete miss- I love love it but not sure if it will be stretchy enough for over the bump but I wanted to give it a try. Shopbop has the best return policy so I never have to worry about over ordering as I can ship it all right back. 
  • I realized I only have two pregnancy friendly beach coverups and since I spend almost every day at the beach in the summer I knew I needed another one (or two). I ordered this one by Coolchange- I have a ton of their stuff and their line is very pregnancy friendly. 
  • Totally over tight maternity jeans but knowing I can't wear dresses everyday, I decided to try out a line of maternity jeans I've never tried before. These are on sale and look super soft and stretchy- they are running out of sizes and are also an extra 40% off today!
  • I also picked up a few maternity tees- this one and this one!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Summer Whites

DRESS:: Vince // SHOES:: Schutz // BAG:: Chanel // EARRINGS:: Lizzie Fortunato

The pieces in my closet that I never seem to tire of are almost always white. I especially love wearing white in the summertime. I bought this Vince pleated cami dress a month or so ago and have already worn it to a few different events. I most recently wore it to my sister's baby shower with a lace bomber jacket on top. This dress will definitely take me through my entire pregnancy because it has that much room but it's also the type of dress that I see myself wearing next year post baby.  (A few of you asked what size I ordered on instagram- I ordered my regular size!)  

I'm a sucker for a good white top. Every time I go shopping with my mom she always laughs because I always end up trying on a ton of white tops. This one is my dream everyday top- a bit on the pricey side but I love this brand so much. I have this top by Sea as well that's currently on sale. While this top definitely won't work for me this summer, it is so pretty and something I definitely would wear without a baby bump. The price is also perfect and under $55. 

I love this one shoulder dress by MISA and these Saint Laurent sandals. Shop some more of my favorite summer whites below!

xo Chrissy

TOP:: Sea (on sale!)


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