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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Under $200

SKIRT:: Faithfull (here and here) // TEE:: Club Monaco // JACKET:: IRO // BOOTIES:: Alexander Wang // BAG:: Celine // NECKLACE:: Asha  

It has been almost two weeks since we've been in the new house and I think we are finally starting to feel more at home here. The first week was a bit of an adjustment not only for me and Chris but for the kids as well. While I'm still figuring out which light switch turns on which lights, the kids are still getting used to the fact that this house is their new home and we won't be going back to our old one. My two year old Charlie was really confused. Every time I drove him home from school last week, the second we would turn into our new driveway he would start crying and say "not this house mom, the other house." The first day he did this my heart sank a bit because I was feeling somewhat "homesick" too. I feel like I still have a million and one things to do and have so many things to unpack and organize but it's extremely hard getting anything done when I have four kids to take care of. I'm just trying to do a little at a time. So we will probably be unpacked and settled by fall :)

It has been awhile since I posted style steals! My skirt was one of the most popular purchases this month and sizes have pretty much run out everywhere :( There are a few left here and here. I was browsing the H&M website and I was so shocked at all of the beautiful pieces they have right now. This dress for $20! I just ordered it and I'm hoping it fits and looks ok. I also think this style would be beautiful belted. I needed a simple dress like this to wear during the day- I got it in the dark grey color. I also love this tee with the little heart for $5. These espadrilles look just like the Castaner ones. 

Anthropologie also has some great finds right now. How cute is this little bag? I also love this top. I'm also on a bit of a hair accessory kick and love these and these. 

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