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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

In My Beauty Closet

TATA HARPER Resurfacing Mask // VINTNER'S DAUGHTER Active Botanical Serum

One of the areas in my life that I've really invested in lately is my skin care. I've been pretty anti-sun since right after college mostly for health purposes- I've had tons of precancerous spots removed. But I was also hyper aware (thanks to a great dermatologist) of how much over exposing our skin to the sun ages us. As much as I love feeling the heat of the sun on my face and body, I would love to age as naturally as possible (for as long as I possibly can atleast- not against botox here :) 

My favorite thing to do these days is test out new beauty products. I try to stick with natural, organic and/or products free of toxins as often as I can but there are still some products of mine that I've used for years that I just can't seem to ditch. Mostly makeup products. I've also started treating myself to Dermaplaning- a skin treatment that removes dead skin cells and "peach fuzz" from your face by basically shaving it with a surgical scalpel. Sounds kind of scary and gross but it's not I swear. And I promise to have a post up about Dermaplaning soon but I want to get one more treatment under my belt before I give my opinion! 

Kaitlin and I both love skincare and beauty products- she did an awesome roundup last month- and we are excited to start sharing some more favorites with you here on the blog! Up first are my two can't live without products. 
  • VINTNER'S DAUGHTER:: yes, I hopped on the Vintner's Daughter bandwagon and no, I have no intention of getting off. I was totally against loving this serum, mostly because it was ridiculously expensive but I kept hearing only amazing things and when I went to get my first Dermaplaning treatment I decided to give it a try. It's one of Gwyneth Paltrow's favorite beauty products and I'll pretty much try anything and everything (mostly everything that is...) that GP sells. It's a face serum made up of 22 active botanicals that will brighten your complexion, enhance your skin's elasticity, reduce fine lines, moisturize, and helps to stimulate cellular turnover. I use it both in the morning and at night under my moisturizer. If I had to choose a close second for face oil it would be this one. And this one would come in at a close third.  
  •  TATA HARPER RESURFACING MASK:: If I had to pick only two beauty products to use for the rest of my life it would be this mask and Vintner's Daughter. I use this mask about twice a week and it gives my skin a nice glow. It's also completely natural and free of fillers, toxins, synthetic chemicals, artificial colors and fragrances, and GMOs. I love almost everything by Tata Harper. 

Would love to know all of your tried and true beauty products! xo Chrissy


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