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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Top Beauty & Skin Products

SWEATER:: H&M // PANTS ( seen below) CHASER

One of my favorite things to do is to read up on the latest beauty and skincare trends. I want to keep my skin looking young and fresh and with the harsh pollution in the city, it can often become dull or frequently breakout.

Constantly switching up your products in your routine is definitely not cheap. Sephora and Blue Mercury are my favorite places to grab my products but I leave feeling like I just spent my entire pay check. Another costly venture? Facials! My go to spot in the city for a facial is Joanna Vargas. I swear by the triple crown - the microdermabrasion will change your skin. I try to go once every few months since again this is costly but if I properly upkeep my skin I wont have to go as often.

So here are my top beauty / skin products ( for now!) and I am always happy to answer any questions about the products I use or don't - chances are I have tried them! So please feel free to direct message us on Instagram!

1. FRESH FACE WASH ::  this rose cleansing foam face wash is really gentle on my sensitive skin plus it removes almost all of my makeup! When I use a makeup remover post wash, almost nothing comes off! The rose in this cleanser also relaxes the little bit of hyperpigmentation I suffer from.

2. DRUNK ELEPHANT C FIRMA DAY SERUM:: I  use this day serum right after the SKI II in the mornings. This vitamin C serum is packed with antioxidants and fruit enzymes that help with dullness, uneven skin tone and elasticity!

3. SUNDAY RILEY GOOD GENES:: This is the serum I use every single night. It exfoliates and also plumps due to it's lactic acid! It helps with dullness, wrinkles and dark spots!

4. SUPERGOOP SPF:: Going to the dermatologist every few months is no fun so in the past few years I've really embraced SPF. SUPERGOOP has come out with a range of products from broad spectrum to a cc cream with SPF! I love the silky consistency, and the fact that it's totally invisible. You will never have white streaks or smell like SPF! Bonus, it also grips makeup so put it on first!

5. SK II SKIN ESSENCE:: my most recent addition and I am obsessed. I feel like it took me a while to bite the bullet on this one - it's NOT cheap! I went for the smaller bottle since you only a few dabs to pat onto your skin. I use this right after cleansing before anything else - am and pm! I use it on my face, neck ( now on my chest) and the extra on the top of my hands!

6. DRUNK ELEPHANT LALA CREAM:: I love this moisturizer! Even the name I'm weirdly obsessed with. I put this on before bed for some extra oomph overnight and it's like putting whipped cream on my face. It's so beautifully soft but delivers rich moisturize without my skin freaking out!

7. SIMPLE REPLENISH MOISTURIZER:: My day moisturizer in the summer is Sunday Riley Tidal Water Cream BUT in the winter months and heading into Spring I needed something heavier but not too heavy because I will breakout. Simple products are found at almost every drugstore ( I use their makeup remover wipes) and I am SO pleased with this replenishing moisturizer. It's the perfect weight for this time of year and provides me with moisture all day long.

8. GLOSSIER BOY BROW:: a total freak about their brows, I use this wand every single day! It is the perfect color, the perfect size and delivers an exceptional brow.

9. GEORGIO ARMANI LUMINOUS SILK FOUNDATION:: I have probably gone through a million tinted moisturizers and foundations. I wanted something really light, but stayed with me throughout the day. After what has seemed like years and probably has been I finally found the perfect foundation. Thanks to my two friends who also use it, it's perfect coverage for all day wear without feeling or looking too heavy! Its insanely smooth and light!

10. GLOSSIER CLOUD PAINT:: one of two favorite products from Glossier. I have the cloud paint in three colors (puff, haze and beam) and I wear at least one almost everyday! They are also very easy to mix together if you're looking for a different hue. My favorite color is Puff!

11. NARS LIPSTICK IN ROMAN HOLIDAY:: I am a total lipstick fan. Something about gloss kind of freaks me out. Don't get me wrong I love a little shine every now and then but I think my hair getting caught in the goop is what is off putting, so I prefer a creamy / buttery lipstick! My favorite one is by NARS in Roman Holiday. It's not as electric as it looks, it's actually a very soft petal pink!

12. LAURA MERCIER LONG WEAR CREME EYE PENCIL:: I only wear liner if I'm actually going somewhere I need to look "nice" - aka a dress or non jeans! I have stuck with Laura Mercier's eye liner since I began experimenting with makeup and have never once wanted to try another liner. My favorite color is copper and its nice and smooth to apply and never smudges. It's probably my longest running staple!

13. GLAMGLOW MUD MASK:: I have tried a TON of masks and I will always come back to this one. After you let it dry, the problem areas will be a different color! After removing it acts as an exfoliator and I promise you when you're done you will immediately be glowing!

14. TARTE 4 IN 1 SETTING MIST:: I purchased this spray right before I went to Italy this past summer. I used it on the plane to give my skin a little pick me up and while out exploring the coast. What I love about this spray is hydrates, refreshes and sets your makeup! After I apply my makeup spray a little on and you're all SET!

15. AERIN PERUME IN AMBER MUSK:: Perfume is really personal and there are scents for day and night! One of my favorite scents is Aerin Beauty's Amber Musk. Not only are the bottles beautiful but all of her scents just smell stunning! I actually got this scent for my mom's stocking for Christmas - it makes a really nice gift!

The list could go on but I will spare you!!

(two other amazing products are the Tata Harper clarifying mask - I got this specifically for breakouts and Weleda Skin Food! I dab this on super dry areas and overnight they are as good as new!)

xx Kaitlin

Photos by Cristina Lozito Florals & Photography And Julia D'agostino

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