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Monday, February 12, 2018

About Kaitlin

JEANS:: AGOLDE // TEE:: Madewell

Last week Chrissy kicked off an "ABOUT" us type of post and now it's my turn! I've had to think about these little facts I wanted to share with everyone and to echo what Chrissy said, it's a bit out of our comfort zone to get "personal".  We have realized over time that when we give our readers a peak into our lives every now and then, whether that's kids or our husbands ( people seem to respond well when they see Grant and Chris!) or just our daily lives, people can relate to us more.

We started this blog to help women achieve great style, at various price points and over the years we have expanded into lifestyle, cooking, interior d├ęcor. It's exciting and scary opening up to an audience but what's most important to us is being US! So here is my "about me" post and I hope you enjoy!

1. Like Chrissy, I met Grant at Boston College and we were married in the same church. I always knew I wanted an October wedding, the Fall is my favorite season! I considered myself a super chill bride - I never really got ruffled with the planning process. It seemed pretty straight forward and smooth since I went into that year knowing exactly what I wanted. I executed decisions very easily and I never fought with Grant or my mom. My advice to brides would be to enjoy every moment because it all happens so quickly and don't get caught up in the small stuff! Everything will fall into place. One hiccup that did happen? My wisdom teeth decided to come in a week before the wedding and I had to get them removed asap! 

2. It should be no surprise to anyone reading this that I have a deep love (obsession) with my dog Penelope. She is such a unique golden and even with her major stink eye I still smother her with love every single day. Golden's are typically very affectionate, they greet you, they follow you. Nope! Penelope  is only very affectionate to guests or construction workers on the street, she will be in our room while Grant and I watch TV in the living room and the amount of time's she has greeted us I could probably count on one hand. But with her independent woman personality, I still seek her out and give her a big hug and kiss whenever I come home. Grant and I both agree we would not use Central Park half as much as we do if we didn't have her! It's a weekend ritual of ours to take a long walk with her on Saturday or Sunday and it's my favorite time of the weekend. I absolutely love utilizing the park since it's so close to us! Plus I can scope out all the other dogs!

3. I used to have BLONDE hair - enough said!

4. I am a total skincare / grooming of the eye brows junkie. I am constantly reading up on what we should be using on our skin from serums, to oils, and treatments. I find it all very interesting and I should not be allowed in Sephora without supervision. Into The Gloss is one of the favorite sites to read up on all things beauty. My favorite products right now? I just joined the SKI II cult, Drunk Elephant vitamin C serum and Lala whipped moisturizer and of course Good Genes from Sunday Riley. Favorite spot for a facial? Hands down Joanna Vargas. Microdermabrasion WILL change your life! OH and about those brows.. I take eye brows really seriously. Meaning, I will not pluck mine unless I go and see my brow guy down at Marie Robinson. It may said super high maintenance but there is something about eye brows I take really seriously! I swear not knowing how to properly pluck all those years of high school has scarred me for life! I also tint mine a few shades darker PLUS I then apply Glossier's boy brow ( I swear by this product!)

5.  Jeans and shoes are my weakness. I am a firm believer that you can never have too many shoes or too many jeans. Grant's dream is for me to purge 230598125 pairs of shoes which I admit I just did get rid of a few old pairs of boots but there is something about a great pair of jeans and a beautifully made shoe that make me extremely happy. I don't leave any shoe out - this means sneakers as well! I love my APL's for weekends walking in the park and I wear a few pairs of Vince slip on's to work!

6. I had my second round of braces just last year! I actually went and got "incognito" on my bottom teeth to straighten out ONE tooth! The orthodontist said that it may seem like a lot of work just to straighten one tooth but in fact if I had let it go it would start affecting my top teeth! I have tried Invisalign but I hated it! I felt really gross with all of the plastic in my mouth and that you had to keep removing them to eat and drink. The incognito were braces placed on the inside of my teeth so no one could tell! If you have a high pain tolerance, the first two weeks are pretty brutal ( they cut up your mouth) but after two weeks you forget they are there. If you can manage pain for two weeks then I highly recommend them. I had them for 6 months and now my bottom teeth are straight and I have a permanent bar behind them!

7. I am the youngest of three! My brother is five years older than me and my sister is eight years older. Both are married with children which makes it really fun when we are all together as a family. We didn't grow up with cousins it was just the five of us and we were so lucky we had our fousins (Chrissy and her family to share a lot of special times with). I think not having a big family kind of makes you want to have one so with seven nieces and nephews it's been a lot of fun! 

8. I love to travel! I get the itch to go places literally every other day. Grant and I went to South Africa on our honeymoon which was life changing! I told him I would like to go back to Africa for our ten year but maybe somewhere more north for a different type of safari. Just this past summer we went to the Amalfi coast and to say I don't think about this trip everyday would be a lie. It was so special it's safe to say we will be back! Iceland, Provence, and St Bart's are on my bucket list!

9. I read almost every single night before bed. Grant and I don't have a TV in our room ( it's been a battle since we moved in to this apartment three years ago) but although I lost, I've become totally accustomed to getting into bed and opening up my book. It also makes my eyes tired and I'm not a great sleeper so it kind of makes me sleepy and helps me fall asleep. Right now I'm reading the Last Mrs Parrish and am loving it. Next up is The Woman in the Window!

10. I am in love with New York City. Grant and I bought our apartment three years ago after renting because we decided we both wanted to stay here for the long haul. A lot of people question how we can have a dog in the city or even kids when the time comes but city life has us hooked. I love being able to walk anywhere, some of the best restaurants in the world are right outside my door and if I do want to leave then I will hop on a 40 minute train and I'm in the suburbs! We will someday outgrow our space and I would love my children to have a yard but for now and for a while, we are totally in love with this city. 

xx Kaitlin

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