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Monday, January 8, 2018

Date Night Tops

TOP :: IRO Paris // JEANS:: AG // SHOES:: Ash // BAG:: Chanel // EARRINGS :: Brinker & Eliza

I'm not going to lie it has been a lonnng time since my husband and I enjoyed a night out together. When you have children you can't just pick up and go but have to find a babysitter way in advance and cross your fingers that they won't cancel on you last minute. Our last planned "night out" together was supposed to be a NY Rangers game but what was supposed to only be light snow in the morning turned into heavy snow basically all day and night. Our babysitter cancelled and I stayed home with the kids and sent Chris out to enjoy the game because I am the best wife ever :) We are also huge homebodies. My family constantly makes fun of us for that but we honestly really look forward to our nights in together. When we first started dating we literally went to the movies every week. All of the people who worked at the theater near us knew us by name. It was slightly embarrassing, actually. All of our friends were out at bars and parties and we were at a 7 o'clock movie and home and in bed by 10. Clearly things haven't changed much over the past decade except we are no longer frequent movie theater goers but catch the movies at home instead. We recently just watched Detroit, Wind River, Mudbound, and Dunkirk- and seriously they all were amazing and left me feeling a whole lot of different emotions. I honestly had a hard time falling asleep after each one of these movies. So if you are looking for a good movie to watch, I highly recommend all of the above. 

With all of that is our 2018 goal to go out a bit more. We're trying to find a steady babysitter who will come every other weekend so we can get of the house and actually sit down and enjoy dinner together. With more date nights on the books, I'm going to need a few more date night tops. I just got this beautiful top by IRO above and it's on major sale. It also comes in a pretty light color as well. Rounded up a ton of my favorite tops below!

xo Chrissy


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