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Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Favorites :: Makeup Musts

While I don't consider myself to be the biggest beauty junkie, I do love wandering around Sephora and checking out all the latest the many brands they carry have to offer. I always go in there with the intention of replacing one or two things that I've run out of and always end up leaving with five or six new products to try. Half the time it works out in my favor and the other half I end up having serious buyers remorse- can someone please tell me why makeup is so expensive?? What I've learned over the years is to not be afraid to try new products but to also stick to what works best for your skin. 

Here are my favorite products::
  • CC CREAM:: I don't like to wear heavy makeup. I've never really worn foundation except for the times I've had my makeup done for weddings and what not. I usually like to wear a BB or CC cream and have been using this one by Giorgio Armani for the past six months. It's light and leaves my skin feeling and looking bright. I use color 2. 
  • CONCEALER:: Since I don't wear foundation I rely pretty heavily on my under eye concealer to help cover up the dark circles around my eyes and any other redness I might have. I've been using Lancome Maquicomplet for years now and I cannot say enough about this concealer. It gives you a ton of coverage without feeling heavy. I use the Camee shade. 
  • BRONZER:: I usually do a quick sweep of bronzer over my concealer and have been using this one by Laura Mercier. It's not as dark as it looks! And in the summertime when my skin has a slight tan I use this one. 
  • EYES:: I don't typically put any eye makeup on other than mascara (LOVE this one- thanks KMM!) every day but when I have a little extra time I like to quickly swipe on some eye shadow from my new Marc Jacobs palette that I featured on my Insta stories a few weeks ago. I have the Lover palette and the colors are so soft and pretty. I also use the Bobbi Brown highlighter brick in Pink Quartz as an eye shadow- it's also very soft and pretty and it doubles as a highlighter for your cheeks. When I really have time on my hands and honestly only if I'm going out at night, I will fill in my brows with Benefit's Goof Proof Brow Pencil
  • LIPS:: I could actually use some help in this department. I typically only wear lip gloss (all the shades by Nars are my favorite- I'm currently using the Istria shade) because I don't like the way lipstick looks on me. I feel like even if my lips are slightly dry, lipstick will make them look super chapped. Anyone else have this problem? And if so- have you found any lipsticks that work? Please please email me or DM me on Instagram. I would love to know what products works for you!
  • HIGHLIGHTERS:: Everyone loves bright and dewey skin and highlighting sticks and powders are the perfect way to achieve that look. Highlighting powders and sticks are quite possibly my favorite products- I probably overused them at some point in time- but just the right amount can completely change your look. I currently alternate between a few. My favorite stick is Benefit's Watt's Up. For powders, I love Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Moonstone. And Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder in Bronze Glow. 
And that just about wraps it up! I definitely could use some more help when it comes to applying makeup and would love to hear any of your tips or tricks and would love to try out any products you guys swear by so please email me and let me know!

PS: I'm also on the hunt for a good face mask- Any recommendations? 

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  1. Tom Ford Lip Color Shine is a really moisturizing lipstick, a splurge but worth it and the color isn't super opaque so more of a lipgloss color payoff.


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