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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I'm a little confused by the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year. Usually if you are a cardholder you can shop the sale early. This year, they have a tiered program. Certain cardholders who spent more over the last year can shop first, and then the next level of spenders have access a few days later and so on and so on with everyone eventually being able to shop the sale on the the 23rd (I think!)


I wasn't planning on posting but had a few messages from cardholders able to shop today asking to share my favorites. It's obviously very different this year because most people aren't going into stores to try on. I combed through a ton of the sale and to be completely honest, I wasn't blown away. Kind of similar to last year. With that said, I did find some pretty nice things and pretty good prices. Some I already own and some I've tried on. Sharing below!

Noteworthy mentions::

  • If I had to buy only one coat for myself it would be this wrap one by Vince. I had a version of it from a few years ago and it is my favorite. It's already sold out in sizes in the camel color but I love the grey too. 
  • I usually pick up candles and candle sets as gifts for the holidays during the sale. Love this Diptyque set
  • A GREAT time to buy Uggs for the kids! Lila has already picked out this style. 
Above are my tippity top picks and I've added a few more favorites below!! Let me know if you end up buying anything. Love hearing what were hits and what were misses. 


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