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Thursday, February 13, 2020


 SWEATSHIRT:: Ulla Johnson // EARRINGS:: Shashi // JEANS:: Citizens

As a mom, I wear sweatshirts more often than I care to admit. And on the days when I put on actual clothes, the second I get home I rip them off and throw on comfy sweats. I need to be comfortable! I have a decent collection of sweatshirts that are both parts comfy and stylish and I wear them constantly. I'm always asked about mom-friendly, everyday outfits so I thought share some of my favorite style and mom friendly sweatshirts.

1. The Gap always has great and affordable options. Love this one and this one.

2. This one would be perfect with leggings.

3. I've been wanting to try this one by Rebecca Minkoff- love the puff sleeves.

4. The Great sweatshirts are definitely a splurge. I have a few of them that I snagged on sale and a few that were gifts. I honestly rotate through them almost every day and night. They are the best! Love this one and this one.

5. Speaking of the Great, this style and this style remind me so much of them but without the hefty price tag.

6. And of course, my current favorite- my "fancy" sweatshirt: The Ulla Johnson Sage sweatshirt pictured above. 

PS: these earrings are soooo sweet and pretty- and a good price! Perfect for spring and summer.

PPS: I'm still on the hunt for new bedding. It's bad- you can't tell in these pictures but our bedding is starting to tear and rip! Send me some suggestions! 

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