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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sunday Shopping

Hello, Sunday. Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. Yesterday was our usual "sports day" where we bounced around taking kids to practices, games etc. Today I'm taking Lila to see a show with our friends and she is so excited about it. Chris and I watched Bohemian Rhapsody last night and I don't know why it took us so long to watch it. I was completely blown away and appreciate Queen and their music so much more. Chris is singing "We are the Champions" as we speak, hah! And that's our weekend. Looking forward to a home cooked meal tonight and early bed :)

On to my little Sunday round up. I constantly find myself finding things and snapping photos and taking screenshots with the idea that I will share them with you. Nine times out of ten, I end up not having enough time and then I'll find those photos or screenshots weeks later. I'm going to try really, really hard to start carving out some time to share these things with you whether it's in blog post form or on Instagram stories (or both!)

1. Milledeux: I've shared my love for this brand before but wanted to share again. These pins came for Lila but I selfishly snagged them for myself :) Milledeux makes my absolute favorite bows and headbands for little girls. They are just beautiful. If you have any little ones to buy for this holiday season, definitely check out their hair accessories. Check out their Christmas section. Oh my, so sweet! Love these headbands.

2. Advent Calendars: I've been seeing so many sweet Advent Calendars. If you have a little kids you need to check out some of the styles by Meri Meri (another favorite line of mine). How sweet is this charm bracelet calendar and this hair accessories one? This train one is fun for boys! I will take this Barbara Sturm one for me, thanks! Or this beauty one will do, too. This advent calendar is a great option for all of the kids. Love this one, too!

3. I'm finishing up my gift guides and plan on posting them this week. While I was searching for items for the women in your life, I came across these two coats (one and two) and they pretty much look perfect for mom life. Aka throwing on something warm and cozy for day to day kid activities.

4. My satin slip skirt is back in stock (but already selling out quickly!) at H&M. They have some really fun finds right now. Love this sweater and it has great reviews- I wonder if it's itchy, though? This is a great sweater to pair with skirts. Love this sweater with pearls. This top is beautiful.

5. I'm also finding a ton of great kids clothes at H&M. If I wanted to be Mom of the Year in Lila's eyes than I would buy her some of their Frozen pieces. I might go against every fiber of my being and buy her a Frozen dress she can wear to see the Frozen 2. As my mom says, "let her live!" This one seems like the least offensive. This one is actually kind of fun- the sequins switch over from Elsa to Ana's face. My boys always wear red cords for Christmas and these are such a great price! Also love this sweater.

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