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Monday, August 26, 2019

The Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

We are back from Nantucket and as much as we love that island, it is nice to be home. I have so many home projects I want to get working on and some organizing I need to finish up. I kept telling myself, "once the kids are back in school, I'll start." And now it's just about that time and I can't wait to tackle these projects head on. At the top of my list is finishing up our entry way. I have about three console tables that I love but I'm so indecisive and can't figure out which one I love most. The one thing I'm never indecisive about, Coffee Table Books. My view on them: the more, the merrier.

It's become quite an addiction. I've been collecting coffee table books ever since I moved into my apartment in NYC nine years ago and the round up above is only half of them. The others are still sitting in boxes in our garage from our move. I'll break them out once our home office and living room are set up.  My books aren't for just sitting pretty. I often find myself flipping through the pages and soaking up inspiration whether it's for interior spaces or outfits. Coffee table books aren't cheap. If a book catches my eye when I'm out and about, I always check Amazon to see if I can find it cheaper. I've also found some amazing ones at my local Home Goods store. They never used to carry coffee table books but have had such a great selection recently.

There are some books that I love but the cover doesn't quite blend with my aesthetic. I've found so many times that if I remove the paper cover, the hardcover ends up being perfect.

If you are looking for neutral and grey, I highly recommend these:: Houses that we Dreamt of // Perspective // The Kinfolk Home // Interiors // Dream Spaces // Interior Portraits // Restoration House

I also have a ton of pale blues and aqua :: Allegra Hicks // Surf Shack // Beautiful // The Decorated Home // Aspen Style // Surf Tribe

This is one collection that will never be complete!


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