Tuesday, June 18, 2019

BEST OF :: Summer Maxi Dresses

DRESS:: Hemant and Nandita // BAG:: Faitfull // SHOES:: Ann Taylor (old) 

I'm still working my way through your DMs on what posts you would like to see and one of them was a roundup of maxi dresses. You know I live in maxi dresses and I've already added a few new ones to my collection. Little secret, my third and fourth pregnancies were not kind to my legs (well really just my right one) and I developed horrible veins from pregnancy. Once I had Charlie, they all pretty much went away after a few months but the moment I got pregnant with Ellie, they came back in full force. As much as I loved being pregnant (I really did), I could have done without this side effect. A few months after I had Ellie, most of the them disappeared but I was left with one on my right leg that I just can't stand. I told myself I'd give my body a full year before I do anything about it. SO if you have been in this same situation (which the more women I talk to, the more I realize how common it is) and you have a good doctor, send the info my way!

On to my favorite maxi dresses of the season (PS threw some midi dresses in here too for everyone under 5'3"!) ::

  • I bought this maxi at my local Saks and loved everything about it. It is so soft and flowy and I feel really good wearing it. It's technically a "midi" dress but for shorties like myself it's the perfect length as a maxi. Someone messaged me asking if it could be worn with a baby bump and the answer is YES. It has plenty of room but the only thing you might have to worry about is the slit- I actually got mine closed a little bit after I took these pictures. 
  •  Another maxi I added to my wardrobe this year, is this one by Loveshackfancy. A friend of mine had it on the other night and it looked so effortless and beautiful. You can probably size up in it! I also LOVE this Loveshackfancy one and I think it's next on my list. 
  • LOVE this one and its currently on sale for 50% off making it $49!
Shop more maxi dresses below!

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