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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Mother's Day Gifts

JACKET:: Iro (similar here and here) // TEE:: Club Monaco // SKIRT:: Faithfull (on sale in size medium here!) // BAG:: Celine

Mother's Day is just around the corner people and it's time to show your mama (or baby mama) how much you love them. I'm honestly not the biggest gift person BUT a little something every once and a while always feels nice. 

Meaningful jewelry is always something a woman appreciates. I'm a big necklace person and wear the four necklaces above almost daily. 
  • The first is a Zoe Lev diamond initial necklace with my four kids' initials. I linked to their Etsy site because everything is 10% off on Etsy only- ends tonight! I also think this necklace is sooo pretty. 
  • My second necklace is a stone that was passed on by my grandmother (she was my favorite person and so special to me). My mom had it reset and made into a necklace for me. It's a really special piece that I never take off. 
  • My third necklace is a little combo. The chain and the charms are by Temple St. Clair  - my husband gave the necklace and three of the charms to me right after I had Charlie- three charms for my three kids. When we had Ellie he added this one to it. The bigger gold disc is another very special family charm- this time from my Dad's side of the family- that I added to the necklace. It's something that always makes me feel safe when I put it on. 
  • The fourth, longer necklace is another combo. The clover heart charm is by my favorite jewelry line, Asha. Ashley (the designer) makes such beautiful jewelry and also has a fine jewelry collection. I added on a St. Christopher Medal that my mother in law gave me a few years ago and a gold locket that belonged to my great grandmother. Love the look of old mixed with new- and you are guaranteed that no one else will have it!
I guess you could say my necklaces above are kind of like a charm bracelet in necklace form. I love adding on- especially when the particular piece carries a special meaning to it. I've rounded up some of my favorite jewelry pieces below- hopefully you can find a special something for the moms in your life!

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