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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Truffle Love

CASE:: Truffle // SKIN CARE:: Drunk Elephant Moisturizer, Face Oil, Tinted SPF, Serum // Vintner's Daughter // Aerin perfume // VOYA facial spritz

I've been a little quiet on the blog and I feel badly about it because I haven't been posting as much as I should be. To be honest, it really just comes down to the fact that I would rather play dinosaurs, go for a walk, color, play a board game (you get the picture) with my kids than work on a blog post. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love creating posts and love to scour the internet for pretty clothes and cool shoes. This blog has always been and will always be that creative outlet I need to keep me sane. With that said, my children are so young and time goes by way too quickly (I cannot believe I'm one month away from having a six year old!) I need to savor these moments with them before they grow up and no longer need me/want me to play. So when Charlie looks up at me with his bright blue eyes and says, "Mom play dinosaurs with me" I'm 100% going to choose to play dinosaurs. In the future, If I'm a little quiet over here, chances are I'm busy playing! 

On to today's post : I wanted to quickly share my love for these Truffle cases. My sister in law bought me a Truffle case years ago when they first came out. They've changed a tiny bit over the years and I've since purchased a few new ones that I use all of the time. The size pictured is the small and I use it whenever I travel. It is TSA approved and holds all of my skincare essentials in place. They seriously do not budge at all which means less spillage.  I also have the large size that I use in my tote bag when I'm out and about with the kids. I love buying these cases and giving them out as gifts!

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