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Friday, February 22, 2019


TOP:: See by Chloe // JEANS:: Mother // EARRINGS:: Baublebar // SHOES:: Saks Fifth Avenue
SHELF DECOR:: driftwood, books

Thanks again for those of you who submitted questions! I loved reading through them all and promise will try to answer more next time. I only had time for a few today! Xo

Q: What is your biggest piece of mothering advice for moms in the baby/toddler stage?

A: Don't sweat the small stuff. I can't tell you how much I stressed over every little thing with my first. I'm not sure if it was because I had an extremely complicated first pregnancy and traumatizing delivery, or if it's just how I'm wired (probably a combo of both) but I didn't let the little things go and beat myself up over so many things that did not matter. I remember sitting in my first baby group (still so close with some of the moms in this group!) and hearing how some babies were sleeping 13 hours at night and taking two two and half hour naps during the day and feeling so defeated like I was doing something wrong. Hunter was waking up every morning for the day at 4 and only taking small cat naps. Once I had Lila, I relaxed about these things and realized every baby is so different and they grow so quickly. Eventually everything falls into place. 

Q: What are your favorite places to buy Ellie baby clothes?

A: Poor Ellie...I don't think I have bought her a single piece of clothing. Not only does she have a big sister, but she has five older girl cousins who have all passed their clothing on to her. My sister has a six month old baby girl as well and as soon as Lily grows out of something she sends it our way. But for the others I love looking for inexpensive pieces at Zara and H&M. I also love shopping local at Sammy & Nat!

Q: Who is your favorite sister?

A: I wonder who submitted this one...BTW I have three sisters and a brother!

Q: Best family/kid friendly vacation spots (warm weather please!)

A: We are not adventurous when it comes to traveling with the kids. I'm just not hardcore enough. We are so lucky that we have a good winter vacation spot with my parents in Florida and a great summer one in Nantucket with my in laws. I think once they are all a little older (no diapers or bottles) we will step out of our comfort zone and travel a bit more. 

Q: What are your staple pieces of clothing?

A: 100% a relaxed fitting pair of jeans like the ones I'm wearing above and a pretty white top. That's my go to combo. For my individual every day staples: a good pair of sneakers to wear with jeans, a comfy sweater, my layered gold necklaces and a cross body bag. In the summer though I'm all about easy, breezy dresses. I am definitely going to dedicate a blog post that goes more into my staple pieces!

Q: What time do you do bath and bedtime for the baby?

A: I'm lucky that my husband is home in time from work to help with the older three while I get Ellie ready for bed. We usually tub around 6 (sometimes this changes a bit depending on her naps and feeding schedule) and by 6:30 it's lights out and her last feeding of the night. 

Q:  How was your recovery from your c section this time around? I have my second scheduled and I'm nervous!

A: This was my fourth c-section! I have to say the initial recovery (like directly following surgery) was so much easier this time around. I was able to get up and move around so much faster and was less sore. Each time it got easier actually. But unfortunately, I had a rough two and a half months following my c-section. I had an allergic reaction to something they used during surgery and ended up on steroids. Because of the steroids I had a slightly weekend immune system and ended up getting an infection in my incision (no clue how) and a section of my incision was open for two and half months while trying to get rid of the infection. Multiple rounds of antibiotics! All is well now and I feel great. 

Q: Favorite perfume?

A: I don't wear perfume every day (I used to be a perfume freak- my friends can attest to that, thinking of you Buh) but I do wear it when out and about. I received samples of this Hermes perfume and I'm obsessed with it but not obsessed with the price tag. I've had the samples for almost three years! I also love this scent by Aerin. And then of course love this one by Kai.  

Q: Where do you buy most of your clothes?

Q: Where do you go for skin treatments?

A: I go to Skin NY in Rye, NY and see Julie. I've been to Angela as well and she is also amazing! This is where I always buy my Vintner's Daughter and where I found my favorite Gaelle Organic cleansing balm. 

Q: How long have you and your husband been married?

A: It will be seven years this July! We started dating junior year of college and have been together for 12 years. 

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