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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Shop With Me

DRESS:: Rebecca Minkoff // JACKET:: Vince (old) // SUNGLASSES:: Ray-Ban

I'm doing a huge roundup below on pieces I'm loving (and shopping) but I wanted to quickly answer some questions I've been getting about baby gear and what we've been loving. The first, is the Rock 'n Play. We've used this rocker for all four of our babies and whenever someone asks me what my one must have baby product is, I always say the Rock 'n Play. Ellie takes most of her naps during the day in her Rock 'n Play and sleeps in her bassinet at night. The second question I've been getting a lot is about the Spectra pump and how it compares to the Medela one I used with my other three. I cannot tell you how much more I like the Spectra pump. If you've never had any issues with the Medela pump than I would say stick with it- you probably won't notice that much of a difference. But I found the Medela settings to be uncomfortable- even the low settings. The Spectra allows you to start your session at a very low and comfortable pace and you can increase the setting little by little. It also has a timer so you can see how long you've been pumping- plus a little night light for night time sessions. 

If you have any more questions please feel free to send me an email or message on Instagram! 

On to today's roundup...

  • I have basically been living in leggings and sweatshirts these days (my post baby uniform) and decided I needed to add some more sweatshirts to my rotation. Is it just me or are so many styles out right now super cropped? I stumbled upon this long style thanks to a random ad that appeared in my Instagram feed and it looks incredibly comfortable. I love that it is long enough to wear with leggings. It comes in a ton of colors and for the price you can't go wrong. This style also looks really comfortable!
  • I know it's only November but my kids are REALLY excited for Christmas and want to put some decorations in their rooms this year. I LOVE these colorful bottle brush trees.  
  • I shared this faux fur bomber on stories yesterday that I just got in the mail. I'm obsessed with it and sizes are running out. If it is left in your size you should order it now! It is so soft and such a nice quality for the price. I also love this sherpa coat- it will sell out quickly as well!
  • These are the prettiest baby swaddles I've seen. 
  • Club Monaco is having a sale on coats- I love this style and have also been looking for a longer camel coat as well. 

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