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Monday, August 20, 2018

Top Baby Must Haves

DRESS:: Rebecca Taylor // RING:: Anthropologie

We are seven weeks away from meeting this little one and to say I'm a bit anxious is an understatement. I honestly haven't done anything to prepare for this baby yet and plan on getting as much done as I can these next few weeks. Two weeks ago I asked via Instagram Stories to share your must have baby products/gear and everyone has requested a blog post with the answers. Here are the top 10 must have items:

In terms of the breast pump:: almost everyone suggested the Spectra! Apparently the Spectra 1 and the Spectra 2 work the exact same way but the Spectra 1 has a built in battery that lasts up to 3 hours- meaning you don't have to be connected to a power outlet to pump. My insurance will cover the Spectra 2 so that's the route I'm going! Remember- check this site to order your pump through insurance. 

I was also torn on which bottles to order this time around. I used Dr. Brown's with my three others but all of the parts drive me craaazzy! I've heard great things about the Comotomo bottles and will give them a try. I wasn't sure if they had a specific bottle warmer or a sterilizer that went with them and found all the info I needed here.   

Big Things I Love: 

1. I couldn't have survived without the Rock 'n Play. My firstborn had serious reflux issues and he slept most comfortably when he was elevated. The Rock 'n Play was a lifesaver for me. On good days he would sleep in his bassinet or crib but on days where it seemed to be bothering him I would put him in his Rock 'n Play. FYI I wouldn't recommend letting your baby sleep in the Rock 'n Play all the time but if they are fussy at different points at night or during the day I think this would be great. I've recommended it to all of my first time mom friends and they always end up thanking me for it!

2. I had the first ever model of the Uppa Baby Vista stroller when I had Hunter and I loved it! They didn't have the infant carseat at the time but our stroller is still going strong and whenever I'm out or walking with just Charlie it's what I use. It's held up really nicely these last 5+ years! The new Vista stroller and infant carseat duo seem amazing and if I got to do it all over again today, that is definitely what I would get. Right now I have the Nuna Pipa infant carseat which I love and it seems like one of the safest infant carseats. It's extremely easy to install and I'm constantly taking out carseats for carpools etc and the Nuna makes it really easy. I just need to find an inexpensive stroller option for it...any ideas? 

Little Things I Love:

1. I hate not being able to see my baby when we are in the car and use this mirror

2. To me, this is the best bottle brush. 

3. My kids have all loved these lovies and they all still sleep with them at night.  

4. My kids also sleep with this sound machine. We have a very loud house and need all the noise machines we can get.  

What I need: a new high chair! We won't need one for a bit but the high chair we used for the other three has seen better days and we had to throw out the tray that went with it. Going to do some research on the best ones. I love this one but don't think I can spend the money on it when it will only be used by one baby. We also desperately need a new baby monitor. We used the Motorola ones in the past and they always worked well. They are just currently MIA and I can only find the monitor part! 

Baby Must Haves::


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