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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Beauty Scoop :: Gaelle Organic

GAELLE ORGANIC:: serum, cleansing balm, cream and mask  

Clean, non-toxic and safe skincare is a must for me. I started switching out my everyday skincare products about a year ago and haven't looked back since. Finding products that actually do the job can be quite tricky and that's why I try to test out as many as possible. I was first introduced to Gaelle Organic during my first dermaplaning treatment at Skin Westchester (if you are local you need to make an appointment!) After my treatment they used Gaelle Organic Creme Superieure and I loved the texture and how it made my skin feel. Smooth, soft, and full of moisture. It was the dead of winter and I felt like it was just what my extra dry skin needed.

The next time I went back for my appointment, I asked my aesthetician, Julie, about double cleansing. I felt like every time I checked my favorite beauty sites and blogs I heard about double cleansing and how it has changed people's skin. Double cleansing is essentially using two products to wash your face. The first, an oil or balm cleanser or micellar water, breaks down makeup, pollutants, and SPF. It also leaves your skin feeling super smooth. You then follow with a water based cleanser. Julie immediately recommended Gaelle Organic Balm Superieure as my first method of cleansing and I'm not exaggerating when I say I became hooked after one use. I only use it at night before bed and massage it all over my face and neck to remove any makeup, SPF etc. It smells and feels amazing and can also be used on the ends of your hair for a little split end treatment! I follow with my my gel cleanser by Acure. Once I started using the Balm Superieure, I went from feeling like I needed to exfoliate my face nightly (wayyyyy too overkill) to only feeling like I needed to exfoliate once every other week or so. My skin not only felt cleaner but it also felt brighter and smoother. 

After professing my love for the cleansing balm, Gaelle Organic sent me a few of their other products to test out. I have been using the Creme Superieure (which I had used a few times after dermaplaning), the Serum Superieure, and the Masque Superieure. Here's a little breakdown of how I feel about the products:

1. Creme Supérieure:: An ultra hydrating anti-aging moisturizer that illuminates skin and reduces appearances of fine lines. I decided to use this as a nightly moisturizer as it feels a little bit thicker to me. Come winter, I might start using it in the morning as well if I start to feel extra dry. But I love it as a nightly moisturizer and really feel like it does exactly what it claims to do. I wake up every morning with smooth and soft skin.

2. Serum Supérieure:: a brightening and anti-aging serum that illuminates the complexion, lightens dark spots, helps reduce fine lines, enhances the skins elasticity, and protects from signs of premature aging. I started alternating with my Vintner's Daughter at night and I have to say as someone who vowed to never stray from Vintner's Daughter, I really love this serum and will continue to use it in addition to my Vintner's.

3. Masque Supérieure:: this sea mineral treatment mask revitalizes your complexion and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and so much brighter. I don't like to do masks more than three times a week. I have used this one multiple times and can feel it working almost immediately. I leave it on for about thirty minutes and then wipe my face with a soft and warm washcloth. I'm left with a nice soft glow and smooth complexion.

All in all, you can definitely say I've become a Gaelle Organic fangirl. Safe and organic skincare is so important and finding products that you feel make a difference in your everyday skin appearance is everything. The Balm Superieure will 100% continue to be one of my favorite skincare products (seriously try it!) as well as the cream, serum, and mask! I know the cream will be a lifesaver come wintertime.

The best news is Gaelle Organic is giving all of my readers a 15% discount on all products from now until October 31st! The code is "Chrissy15" If you have used any of their products or end up purchasing some through this blog post, please let me know how you end up liking them!

xo Chrissy

PS:: I wanted to make sure these products were ok for pregnant women to use and although you should always consult your doctor if you have a question about product safety, the company told me the products I tested were find to use during pregnancy. One you should avoid is the Soap Superieure. Gaelle Organic also mentioned to always use caution when working with essential oils during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester and to ask your doctor if you have any questions about product safety. 

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