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Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekend Recap & A Few New Things

DRESS:: Tessora (maxi version here) // BAG:: Palmer & Purchase (similar here and here) // SUNGLASSES:: Ray-ban (own this similar pair too)

We've had one of the craziest weeks ever and I am run dowwwwwn. Hopefully I can fill you all in on the exciting part soon but for now I'll give you a quick recap of our weekend with the kids. It started out well and we had a great afternoon at the beach Friday and spent the morning there on Saturday. The difference between last year at the beach with three kids and this year is night and day. Last year was kind of tough because Charlie was only 9 months old and we had to stick to his sleeping and feeding schedules. He would grow tired of the sand after 30 minutes or so and also shoveled rocks in his mouth like it was his job. Now he will play so nicely with his shovels and buckets and beach toys for hours. I had a slight moment of panic though on Saturday when I realized we'd be back at square one next summer! Hopefully baby girl will love the beach (fingers crossed). Saturday night my sister threw her husband a surprise 30th birthday party at my parents' house- she did an awesome job (being 7 months pregnant) and we had a great time!

Then the weekend took a slight turn when Hunter came down with a fever yesterday. He went from totally fine to a 104 temp almost instantly and we decided to take him to the walk in clinic instead of waiting until today to bring him to his pediatrician. Turns out he has strep and it's the first time we've had it in our house (and I feel sooo bad about it because we were at birthday parties and around a ton of other kids this weekend). I woke up last night to him crying and ran into his bedroom to find he had thrown up all over his bed (happens sometimes when you have strep). After showering him off, cleaning up the mess, and throwing him in our bed, we all fell back asleep over an hour later. It felt like just as I had closed my eyes and drifted off, I heard another cry from Lila's room. Ran in to find her soaking wet-sheets, PJs and all. Pretty sure I got less than three hours of sleep last night and I'm struggling this morning. I'm also finding that all of those pesky pregnancy symptoms you start to get closer to the third trimester, I'm experiencing now. I have horrible sciatic pain and feel large already. I have a feeling it's going to be a lonnnng summer. Oh and good news- Hunter is back to his normal energetic self this morning. Antibiotics kick in quickly when you have strep and he's already had a few doses. Doctor said he's no longer contagious after 24 hours on the antibiotic. 

I have been really turned off by the thought of putting on tight jeans or pants lately and felt like I needed to add a few more easy dresses to my summer rotation. I ordered this one a month or so ago and it's by a new to me brand called Tessora. I saw the maxi version of this dress at Anthropolgie and after googling the brand I found they also made it in this shorter version. I'm loving the vibrant colors and the pretty tassels. 

I did a little online shopping yesterday when I was lying on the couch with Hunter and wanted to share a few things I purchased with you::
  • I love this brand and have a few of their dresses. This dress just looks so simple and easy for every day wear. I'm praying it will have enough room for my belly.
  • Love this bag with the bamboo handles. Thought it would go so well with all of my summer dresses. 
  • This dress could be a complete miss- I love love it but not sure if it will be stretchy enough for over the bump but I wanted to give it a try. Shopbop has the best return policy so I never have to worry about over ordering as I can ship it all right back. 
  • I realized I only have two pregnancy friendly beach coverups and since I spend almost every day at the beach in the summer I knew I needed another one (or two). I ordered this one by Coolchange- I have a ton of their stuff and their line is very pregnancy friendly. 
  • Totally over tight maternity jeans but knowing I can't wear dresses everyday, I decided to try out a line of maternity jeans I've never tried before. These are on sale and look super soft and stretchy- they are running out of sizes and are also an extra 40% off today!
  • I also picked up a few maternity tees- this one and this one!

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