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Monday, May 14, 2018

Bright & Bold

DRESS:: Mara Hoffman (more sizes here) // SHOES:: Jimmy Choo (similar here for $52) // EARRINGS :: Brinker & Eliza // BAG:: Chanel // SUNGLASSES:: Le Specs

I hope you all had a nice weekend! I had a really lazy Mother's Day although I can't say the same for my husband. It was kind of a rainy, cold day and I basically hung at home in my PJs all day lounging with whichever kid decided to nap while my husband wrangled whoever was awake. All I really wanted for Mother's Day was for my husband to get my car washed. It's the one thing I hate doing and I don't know why. He took the kids to the car wash and came back with my favorite sandwich from Something Natural (if you are local you need to go and anyone who visits Nantucket needs to check out the original Something Natural-amazing) We eventually headed over to my parents' house for a BBQ later in the day. After a really long and crazy week, an easy Sunday was just what I needed.

I'm almost 18 weeks pregnant and I'm finally starting to feel those first tiny flutters of movement. Feeling my babies move is hands down my favorite part of pregnancy. Yes, at the end it gets a bit uncomfortable but I love it. With my first, I remember I couldn't really distinguish his movements from normal stomach flutters until week 20/21. I started noticing tiny movements with this baby a few weeks ago and now they are way more obvious. It's a nice reminder that I'm actually growing something in there.

On to this dress. White dresses are my all time favorite for summer but second to them are bright colored ones. I tend to stick to neutrals in the fall and winter but the second the temperatures start to warm up I'm immediately drawn to bright and bold colors. Mara Hoffman has always been one of my go-to's for a fun dress for summer and so many of her styles are pregnancy friendly. A photo came up on my Timehop app (does anyone have it? it's amazing) from ten years ago. It's of me and my husband (at the time college boyfriend) and I'm wearing an orange and pink halter Mara Hoffman dress. It was my first by Mara Hoffman but obviously not my last. I think I buy a new Mara Hoffman piece each season. One thing to note about this style is it's technically a "swim" piece aka a coverup but it definitely does not feel that way. I will definitely wear this to dinners out and I think you could 100% wear it to a wedding. It isn't lined in the back- the front is completely fine because the material overlaps- so as long as you wear nude undergarments you should be good to go. This is the one I wore with it that works. You could also wear a pair of nude control shorts like Spanx etc that would also do the trick.

I've linked a ton of my favorite brightly colored pieces below. How fun is this dress? And the price tag is amazing.

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