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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Spring Dresses

DRESS:: Rahi Cali (same print here and here) // JACKET:: Driftwood (similar here) // 
SHOES:: Joie // BAG:: Chanel // EARRINGS :: Asha

Hi everyone! My family and I just made it back from our trip down to Florida yesterday. We went to my parents place just north of Palm Beach for the first week and spent most of our days at the beach swimming, collecting shells (weirdly my favorite thing to do) and building sandcastles. We then went up to Orlando (with my parents- thanks Gaga and Pop pop!) for the second part of the trip and met two of my sisters and their families and my brother (and a ton of cousins too!) and conquered Disney World. I was actually really really nervous about taking my three kids to Disney. I wasn't sure if it would be too overwhelming. My oldest (just turned 5) had an absolute blast and shockingly loved going on all of the rollercoasters with my husband and his older cousins. Lila (almost 3) was a toss up. Some of the rides scared her but it was all worth it when she got to see Cinderella up close and personal. She gave her a 15 minute long hug and was just in awe of her. And Charlie (18 months), Charlie was just happy to be out and about and slept in his stroller for a good portion of the morning. He went on a few rides too and loved them- he even slept through It's A Small World- sweetest ride ever and one that I have vivid memories going on when I was a little kid. The last hour of our time at Disney got a little hairy- massive meltdowns- but all in all it was a huge success and I can't wait to go back again some time soon-but not too soon though :)

I also decided to take a little break from the blog and from Instagram (besides a few quick posts) and I have to say it was quite refreshing. I didn't bring my laptop down with me and I was pretty much phone free and it felt really nice to just check out for those 13 days.

Although I'm dragging my feet a bit today, I'm back and ready to send out today's post! It still feels a bit like winter here but temperatures are slowly starting to warm up. I don't know about you but it feels like I have a million and one weddings, showers, engagement parties etc coming up and it got me thinking about Spring dresses. I spent the morning rounding up some of my favorite ones and created a boutique of them below. A few of my favorites: this is the prettiest dress I've seen in a long time and this one is tied for second- just wish the price tags were a bit lower.

xo Chrissy

PS: I need a vacation from my vacation...traveling with kids is not easy!

photos by Julia Dags


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