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Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Favorites :: NYC Spots

SWEATSHIRT:: H&M (serious steal!) // LEGGINGS:: Alo Yoga // LAPTOP SKIN:: Caseapp

 Instead of picking our favorite accessory or shoe for Friday Favorites, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite NYC spots! Everything from food to facials I listed my top spots that have never failed me over the years - pizza anyone!? I love reading up on what the city has to offer and especially love reading other city dwellers go too spots! 

1. PIZZA:: I could talk about pizza for probably way too long so I will spare you with my favorite spot for a white pie. I am a huge fan of the white pizza and when Grant and I went down to the Lower East Side to finally try Speedy Romeo's I met my white pie dream. It was the perfect combination of cheese PLUS their other pizza's we ordered one of their specialties which they only make at the Lower East Side location. Hint it has everything bagel CRUST!

2. YOGA:: Probably this time last year I tried yoga for the very first time. I never in a million years thought I would ever become a "yogi" but I started to love hot yoga and not only the workout part but the meditation as well. Y7 only offers hot yoga and I like it because it's a faster paced class, in the dark with hip hop music! I was worried I would try yoga and it would be too granola for me - but Y7 is kind of like soul cycle but for the yogis! I highly recommend trying a class - you will sweat out everything and more. I also left feeling really calm and recharged which was a nice bonus!

3. FACIALS:: I swear by the facials at Joanna Vargas. The triple crown facial is actually life changing. you will walk out of there glowing and feeling your absolute best. They don't pick at your face or push products on you. I would always get anxiety going for treatments and feel like I HAD to buy everything that was pushed on me. Joanna Vargas offers amazing treatments that guarantee to have you looking your best. The triple crown facial is pricey so I recommend getting it as a package. Microdermabrasion + the micro current is so amazing for your skin, you will be purchasing that package a lot quicker than you thought!

4. DATE NIGHT:: Malatesta Trattoria has been our staple date night spots for years! We have other favorites closer to home ( we love UVA ) and we trek down to Walker's for a burger but when we want to have a real date night we head down to the West Village to Malatesta Trattoria. Cash only, authentic Italian this little spot right on Christopher Street has the BEST gorgonzola gnocchi and Bolognese you will ever try. They have indoor and outdoor seating - its pretty cozy inside which we love. It's always lively and it's really nice to get out of the Upper East Side and enjoy another part of the city together. Tip - start with the bruschetta and crostini's!

5. GIRLS NIGHT:: Penelope's ( yes I named my dog after this restaurant ) is one of my absolutely favorite places to eat in the city. I just took my mom here for lunch and she understood why I named my furry friend after it. Grant and I would go to Penelope's probably way too much when we lived two blocks away but I think it's a really great spot to grab a bite or even brunch with your girl friends. My two favorite things on the menu are the grilled cheese ( you must add pesto and artichokes ) and the BLT. And you know you and your girl friends will want dessert so you better order the carrot cake. Trust me it's pretty ridiculous! Another great spot for girls night is Poke on the UES. It's a BYOB sushi spot that's a fun option for a big or small group of girls. So pack that white wine and head on uptown!

6. SHOPPING:: This is a really hard one to name just one store. NYC offers the best of the best when it comes to shopping. Since redoing their contemporary floor at Saks, that has been my go too. It also helps (or doesn't!?) that it's right by my office. If the weather is actually nice one of these days, I love to walk over to Madison and stop at a few of those stores. There is Vince, Rebecca Taylor, Intermix, Veronica Beard - just to name a few- all along Madison just a short walk from my apartment. I used to venture down to SOHO a lot when I lived in Flatiron but now being way more uptown I have stuck to shopping closer to home. You know in case my bags get to heavy!

7. SALON:: I have been going to Marie Robinson for my brows and color for a few years now. I trust no one else with either task and although it's quite a trek for me - 25th and Broadway it is SO worth it. Plus I try to meet Grant for dinner post grooming and we walk over to Penelope for that carrot cake! My brow guy is Landy Dean and my colorist is Angela Haight - both extremely talented in their field and the salon is a great place to people watch. I won't admit how long it takes to color my hair but its definitely worth every penny and hour!

8. EXTRA CURRICULAR:: You might be reading the above and think does all this girl do is eat and groom?? It might seem like that but I swear I do other things on the weekends! After we workout, Grant and I take Penelope to Central Park every weekend. I love living so close to the park and taking really long walks, sometimes exploring other areas I didn't even know were there. A few months ago we didn't take our usual loop and instead walked over to the pond where you can rent little boats with a remote control and there was a little coffee and pastry shop with tables and benches. It was such a nice spot to sit wit the dog and just enjoy the weather and NYC. 

I'm happy to answer any questions about NYC! Just message us on Instagram and I would also love to hear any of your favorite spots if you live here!

xx Kaitlin

Photos By Julia D'agostino

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