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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Five Ways to Kick the Winter Blues

It's that time of year again...The holidays are officially over and now we have about three more months of frigid temps and grey skies. Every year around this time, I kind of fall into a funk. I'm a little bit lazier than usual, definitely more tired, and basically just feel blah.

Here are 5 ways I kick my winter blues::

1. GET OUTSIDE:: Yes, I know this seems funny but on days when it's not bitterly cold, I try to get outside and take quick walks. My two older kids are in school in the mornings, so when the weather isn't too freezing, I bundle Charlie up and take quick 15-20 minute walks around my neighborhood. Breathing in fresh air does wonders.

2. GET SOME FLOWERS:: It's hard when all you see is grey when you look out the window. I don't know about you but as soon as I see the tiniest bit of green coming from the trees my mood instantly picks up. Unfortunately we won't be seeing any green on the trees in quite some time, so I try to buy fresh flowers every week (sometimes they last two weeks) in the winter time. I swear it lifts my mood every time I see them.

3. CHANGE IT UP:: In the summer we are hardly ever home. We are out at the beach or with family and friends almost every single day. The winter however, we spend way more time at home and we often go stir crazy. If you follow us on Instagram stories, you saw that I recently switched out the mirror and sconces above my couch to some fresh artwork. The mirror was originally supposed to be a temporary piece when we moved in almost five years ago (ah where has the time gone??) It always bothered me as I wasn't a huge fan of the way it looked and felt like it didn't do much for the space. But I kept putting off a change because I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to go above the couch. When I saw these prints at a local boutique I knew they would be perfect. I bought them and had them hung up the same day and I cannot tell you how happy it has made me. Every time I walk past my couch, I smile. When you are stuck indoors for a good portion of the day it helps to be happy in the space you are in. So make a little change- switch out your old throw pillows or hang up a new piece of artwork. And if you aren't looking to change anything in your home, you can always make personal changes. Changes to your hair color or length. You get the deal! A little change can often times go a long way.

4. MAKE A PLAN:: I think this actually applies year round but definitely more so in the winter. I find it so important to have something special to look forward to. Doesn't necessarily have to be anything big. Maybe a date night or a fun dinner out with some friends. We are planning on going down to Florida but not until March. While I'm sooo excited for some family time and some sunshine, we have a long way to go before we get to March. I'm trying to arrange some fun things for my husband and I these next few months. Maybe a massage or two? Definitely more dinners out sans kiddies and of course a few with them as well :)

5. MAKE YOUR MEALS:: During these cold months I honestly look forward to dinner. I love making hearty soups and stews and plain old comfort food. We try to keep it relatively healthy and incorporate as many veggies as possible so you feel good after eating. I love planning ahead of time and of course love when my husband takes over and cooks for us instead (which he does all the time).  Sunday in particular, is my favorite day to cook. We usually head to the store as a family in the morning and Chris and I will prep and cook the rest of the day. We plan on making chicken tortilla soup tonight which is one of my all time favorites.

What are your tips for kicking the winter blues? Would love to hear what you do. You can either comment below, send us a DM, or comment on our last Instagram post! Can't wait to hear!

xo Chrissy

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