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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Etagere Updated

ETAGERE:: sold out! similar here and here // BOOKS:: Halston, Dogist, American Beauty // KNOT:: here and here // ARTICHOKES:: Sculpture and votives! // CANDLE:: Bais

I had always wanted to rearrange my foyer etagere but it honestly just took me a a little longer than planned! If you caught my office post, the shelving in that room is my pride and joy. It can take time to find these little decor objects, and memories to put in frames - you want it to come together organically! I have a bad habit of standing there for hours at a time ( not kidding) rearranging, then standing back then repeat. 

After I completed phase two of this etagere I put it on our Instagram stories - it was right around Christmas time and we received a ton of DM's about it! I am sad to say that this particular etagere is no longer available on Horchow ( where I have gotten a ton of high end things for less) but I have created a boutique below with many similar etageres and pieces! This one is probably the most similar I have found!

My number one recommendation for any type of shelf whether its a built in or etagere or bookcase - is as many coffee table books as you want. They are the perfect piece to add anywhere and look great vertical or horizontal. They are a fun platform for an object or a frame and you can play around with the colors as well. I was lucky enough to score a majority of these books at an Assouline sample sale (this one in particular) because I know coffee table books do not come cheap! 

After buying the two different sized ceramic artichokes at Folly ( a super cute home / gift store on the UES) that's when phase two started to take place. I immediately knew I wanted them on this gold piece and then worked around them. Even though I say I am done, that's a total lie. I want to add one more coffee table book to the top artichoke stack and I would like to print our wedding photo bigger with a new frame. So stay tuned for those changes!! 

Piece of advice… move things around and then stand back and get a good look at how everything flows. It is a tricky task to design shelves, and I will say it until I am blue in the face but it just takes time! I always want it completed in one night but it's never going to happen. So collect pieces here and there, and if anyone asks you what you'd like for your birthday or Christmas - tell them a coffee table book!

Shop my shelves and other pieces I am loving below!

xx Kaitlin

Photos by Julia D'agostino

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