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Thursday, October 12, 2017

IRO Tee's & Mother Jeans

JEANS:: Mother // TEE:: IRO // SHOES:: Got these in Positano - but identical to Tod's ( here and here) // BAG:: Celine // RINGS:: Stephanie Gottlieb & Cartier

A tee and jeans is my numero uno, my top choice of an outfit. I know it's incredibly simple but it's what I feel best in. A great fitting pair of jeans ( currently into these ones) and a tee whether its a graphic tee or an IRO one, they all look great when styled correctly.
When I go simple with jeans and a tee I like to amp it up with a nice colored bag. I love this one and this one for less pricey options! Although I'm wearing pretty casual driving loafers here, I would totally throw on heels, tuck my tee in a little better and put on these hoops and voile I have my nighttime look ( probably just a few blocks over for dinner lol)! 

Jeans and a tee is incredibly versatile because of the accessories and shoes - you literally have endless options on how your look could turn out! Pairing my IRO tee and Mother jeans with my driving loafers (really love these) was a nice weekend look and perhaps I would have worn sneakers if it was Friday at work!
My tee from IRO is really unique with all the little holes and is definitely one of my "dressier" tees - I know that sounds confusing since it has holes in it but it isn't just your average tee. It was definitely pricier and the fabric is a really nice, slightly heavier linen blend. I also love the IRO tee in this color and this color. 

I truly believe you can never have enough jeans and tee's so that's why I linked my favorite IRO tee's and Mother jeans below! You can achieve this look at any price point but it does pay to invest in a few good tee's!

xx Kaitlin

Photography by Cristina Lozito Photography & Florals

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