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Monday, October 2, 2017

CaseApp Collaboration

When CaseApp reached out to us it was actually the perfect timing because I was in the market for a new phone case. I went through a phase a few years ago where I was constantly changing my case ( I also did this with my dog's collar). I realized I wanted something really simple and clean and to constantly be changing my case was just getting silly. I've been trying to embrace this minimal outlook on life - so no more changing dog collars and phone cases wtih the season. However, I will still put a gingerbread collar on my girl but even she's gotten on board with this minimal vibe - shes currently collarless ( insert crown and dog emoji here).

CaseApp offered us a collaboration where we could design our own cases and or skins, PLUS give our readers a 20% discount! Yes you read that correctly - 20% off your entire order!! Chrissy and I both created marble matte cases with our initials in what other color ( you know we have a thing for white tops but did you also know we LOVE grey sweaters!?) well the monogram is you guessed it - GREY! Both having a new case we thought it would be fun to make a skin for our macbooks. We stuck with the marble theme but if thats not for you, CaseApp has a huge selsection of designs.

You can pick your background, or even upload a photo as your case. You have the option to monogram, insert text, emoji's,  pretty much any graphics and the choice of a matte or glossy case. For reference our cases are matte!

Checkout CaseApp today and use the code INMYCLOSET20 at checkout to recive 20% off your entire order now through October 8th!

P.S. I know I said i would stop with changing my phone case but I'll probably be designing another one - just in CASE!

Photos By Cristina Lozito Photography & Florals

xx Kaitlin

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