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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lust List

Survey Recap:: Just wanted to thank all of you who took our survey and gave us your feedback! We so appreciate it.

Here's what you loved and want to see more of::

  • Outfit Posts: both styled outfits and outfits of the day. We are going to try to share the majority of our outfits of the day on our Instagram stories (and some in our Instagram feed) and we will continue with our styled outfits. We are hoping to up the amount we post these as well!
  • Beauty Posts: Kaitlin is definitely more of the "Beauty Buff." I'm actually in the process of upping my skin care regimen because 1. Wrinkles and 2. My friend's 4 year old asked if I was Hunter's Grandma...Insert crying emoji face.
  • More Affordable Fashions: Kaitlin and I both like mixing highs and lows and love hunting for style steals. We will definitely be featuring more affordable pieces.
  • House Tours & Interior Decor: Once again, Kaitlin's alley. Her apartment in NYC is AMAZING. And decorated perfectly. She's putting the finishing touches on a few more rooms and has a date booked to photograph her apartment. So stay tuned! In terms of my house: it's run by a tiny army of 3 and looks like a hurricane has run through it 90% of the time. I'm actually in the works of changing things around a bit and will definitely keep you updated.
  • Children Posts: I wasn't sure if people would be interested in this because I know not all of our followers have children but now that we know there is some interest we will definitely be focusing some posts on children's clothes etc.
  • Local Spots: Kaitlin and I are both HUGE homebodies. I am so much so that it's a running joke with my siblings. Constantly being made fun of (I am one of five). That being said, we do have our go-to spots and we both enjoy trying out new spots (just not every night!). We were thinking we would each do a roundup of some of our favorite spots.
There was also some questions about how to determine who was writing/posting what. On Instagram we use a hashtag #inkaitlinscloset #inchrissyscloset on whatever we individually post. In our stories we started putting our initials at the bottom of each story. And on the blog we started signing our names at the end of each post. 

There was honestly so much unique feedback and we promise to try and touch on all of it. Above is just a general summary! 

Thanks again for taking the time to follow and visit our blog. It means the world to us!

xo Chrissy

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