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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring Style

TOP:: Club Monaco // BAG:: Cult Gaia (back in stock but going FAST) // SHOES:: BP (and only $60) // JEANS:: J Brand (old but similar style here on sale)  // EARRINGS:: Jules Smith // SUNGLASSES:: Ray-Ban

If you didn't know the back story, you would probably think these pictures were taken on a carefree afternoon. It was actually the PERFECT spring day when Brooke and I snapped these photos. The weather was 70 and sunny and this location (thanks to Brooke) was super dreamy. But my morning was anything but perfect. Lila was still battling an ear infection and was super cranky, Charlie projectile spit up all over me seconds before I walked out the door (tried desperately to cover up spit up stains with my bag), and Hunter had a disastrous dentist appointment that probably shook me more than it shook him. Just a cleaning, but my boy hates the dentist and I really don't blame him. To say I was frazzled when I left the house is an understatement. I think I had about 15 minutes to "get ready" and head out the door. I actually threw on this top as I was walking out to my car. Sorry for the show, neighbors! But I swear the second I got in my car, rolled down the windows and started to drive I instantly relaxed (sorry kids). Nothing like feeling the sun for the first time after and LONG and cold winter. And of course, putting on this fun new top didn't hurt either!

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