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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Glossier Review

I am a big researcher when it comes to skincare (if you don't read Into the Gloss, I highly recommend it!) I am always on the hunt for the best serums or face masks, and I love reading up on beauty insider tips.

Just like the weather changes with the season, as does our skin! We need some extra love in the Winter to lock in moisture and in the warmer months, we can lighten up our routine with buildable coverage. Glossier's priming moisturizer provides hydrating, buildable moisture that preps skin for makeup.

There are some products that I don't switch out when the seasons change. Some products I truly believe you ALWAYS need and one of those is rosewater spray. Any spray with rosewater simply helps take down the skins natural redness. I do suffer from natural redness, especially on my nose! The spray simply calms and soothes the face, also giving it a little thirst quenching pick me up. This is just one of Glossier's products I have come to love.

I first cleanse with M-61 Power cleanse, followed by the rosewater spray and then wait a few minutes for my face to calm down before applying moisturizer.

I am a huge advocate for bigger, bolder brows. I have tried almost every brow brush or pencil out there. After all of my trial and errors, I can confidently say that with the brow brushes are a lot better for achieving a fuller, natural looking brow opposed to a pencil.

I like brushing my brows slightly upwards and the Glossier Boy Brow, with it's tiny applicator does the trick. With a quick swipe on each side, it applies color evenly and gives your brows that little pop of rich color they need.

When I apply the Glossier Cloud Paint ( I have Puff and Haze) I squeeze no more than the size of a dime onto my index finger and then make three dots starting at the apple of my check to my temple. I then blend with my fingers and the small amount really goes a long way! You instantly have a really natural rosy look.

For nighttime I prefer to use the Cloud Paint in Haze, followed by the Glossier Haloscope in Quartz. The Haze has a deeper berry hue and the Puff more of a bubblegum pink so I prefer the richer one for nighttime. The Haloscope highlighter is super easy to apply since its a stick ( I find that liquid highlighters can often be overused) and it blends seamlessly with the Cloud Paint.

I absolutely love the Glossier priming "rich" moisturizer for nighttime. After cleansing, I apply a small amount of Sunday Riley's Luna Oil, followed by this buttery moisturizer. I have dry skin, especially in the colder months and even now when transitioning into Spring, I still need that extra oomph. I like to lock in as much moisture as I can while I sleep!

Shop all of my Glossier products below!

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