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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dress Pants

I know what you're probably thinking reading the title of this post "dress pants" - I would probably think the same thing if I weren't the one writing it. What's coming to your mind right now is probably dowdy black dress pants that our mom's bought for us to interview in.

Or what I most commonly think - super unflattering, hugs all the wrong places. BUT we are all wrong! I have slowly embraced non denim pants and I'm really into it.

I have expanded my pant selection to wide leg, crop trousers, skinny dress pants - in all types of fabrics and colors! I am way more of a pants girl than a skirt girl as we all learned in last weeks post about suede skirts - which I have also embraced BUT between the two I will always choose pants. It's just about finding the right cut, fit , color and fabric that work for you.

It's a whole different world than my obsession with denim and it's been one of trial and error but as I sit here today wear Rebecca Taylor's Ava Techy pant in a gorgeous navy paired with a grey, blush speckled Club Monaco sweater I feel really put together and not at all nerdy! I have rounded up the top dress pants I have either added to my closet over the past few months and those that I absolutely love.

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