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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Block Heel Sandals

I've never been one for super high heels, especially while pregnant. (Anyone else experience extremely painful charlie horses in their calves after a night out in heels while pregnant?? Horrible.) I've always been a "comfort is key" kind of girl when it comes to picking out my shoes. That's why when I started noticing block heel styles popping up in every shoe department and store, I was beyond excited. I'm not going to lie, I wasn't automatically drawn to the look of the shoe- something about the chunkiness of the heel rubbed me the wrong way. However, after some time and seeing some super stylish people rocking the block heel, the style grew on me. But the fact that the block heel is low and comfortable is what really won me over in the end. This is my dream pair- I'll keep dreaming! But I did just purchase this pair in the grey color and I'm waiting for them to come in the mail! I'll let you know how they are once they come but in the meantime check out some of our other favorite block heel styles below::

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