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Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Mom & Baby Must Haves

I cannot believe I'm actually saying this but I am 33 (and a half!) weeks. For any of you who have delivered prematurely, you know just how valuable each and every day is for your baby. Having Hunter at 32 weeks scarred me a bit lot and I was so nervous to be pregnant again. I feared history would repeat itself (it still may so keep your fingers crossed for me) and that I would be delivering prematurely again. So far everything has been going smoothly and I don't have any of the symptoms I had towards the end of my pregnancy with Hunter. Plus I'm getting closer and closer to being considered full term.

For those of you who don't know, I developed Cholestasis of Pregnancy and severe Preeclampsia and spent a good amount of time in the hospital being monitored before my water broke on its own at exactly 32 weeks.  It was hands down the most terrifying experience of my life and because of that experience I have come to really cherish each week of the third trimester.  I'm not saying I'm the most comfortable I've ever been (rib kicks all day and night) but each week I reach is a mini celebration for me and I'm so grateful I've made it this far already.

The closer I get to being full term the more I think about what I'll actually need when the baby comes. I've put together this little list of must haves for the new mom and baby.
  1. Bathrobe:: Those first few days in the hospital and at home are a doozy. I spent the majority of my time in a really horrible looking maternity/nursing robe that we bought last minute. This time I plan on buying this one by Eberjey. It's practical and easy to nurse in and pretty enough to wear after the newborn madness.
  2. Aden & Anais Swaddle:: These swaddle blankets by Aden & Anais are light weight and easy to use when swaddling your little one. I used these blankets with H for just about everything- swaddle, stroller cover, burp cloth, play blankets etc. And they don't take up too much room in your diaper bag!
  3. Going Home Outift:: Bringing your baby home is the best feeling in the world and I think it's important to have something special to bring them home in. Love the super soft pieces by Kissy Kissy.
  4. Medela Tender Care HydroGel Pads:: For some women, nursing comes naturally and easily (and pain free) and for others it just doesn't. Unfortunately for me, it did not come easily...or pain free. These pads were lifesavers. 
  5. HALO Swivel Sleeper Bassinet:: So I don't actually have this one yet but I really would love it. This bassinet allows baby to safely sleep as close as possible to mom & dad. It swivels and rotates 360 degrees. With all those night feedings it would be amazing to not have to physically get out of bed to feed the baby (especially if you are recovering from a c-section). 
  6. Angel Dear Blankies:: Ok you may not need these during the newborn phase but when you start sleep training, these little blankies come in handy. Hunter is obsessed with his "animals" as we call them and if you were to look in his crib you would find a zoo. He sleeps with about a dozen of them. 
  7. Cosabella Nursing Bra:: An attractive looking nursing bra that also looks super comfortable. Enough said. 
  8. Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Sleeper:: this is the number one thing I tell my new mom friends they need. Hunter had such bad reflux and it was the only place he could sleep comfortably for the first few months. 
  9. The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer:: Lots of visitors, lots of germs. Hand sanitizer is a must. 
  10. NoseFrida:: Yes, I know, this whole concept is kind of gross but when you have a very congested baby you will do just about anything to help them feel better. This nasal aspirator was/is a lifesaver.
  11. MyBaby SoundSpa:: Whenever I needed to calm Hunter down I would run to the bathroom and run the water, turn on the bathroom fan, and shush him until he would fall asleep. I eventually discovered this sound machine and it was life changing. He still sleeps with his white noise every night. 
Any other must have items that I'm missing? Would love to hear your suggestions!

Shop my must haves and a few more favorites::


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