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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Essentials :: Makeup Must-haves

I definitely wouldn't call myself a makeup junkie but I do have a few go-to items that I cannot live without. A new favorite of mine and what I wear almost daily, even on days when I don't wear any makeup, is this CC cream. Gives me a smooth complexion and goes on really lightly. I've never really worn foundation but the few times I have, I just remember it feeling really cakey and thick. This CC cream is the exact opposite and almost feels like a light moisturizer. I'm big on concealer and love this one by Nars- I use the custard color.  

I'm a huge fan of lip gloss and might have a borderline obsession (I blame one of my college roommates-you know who you are). I love trying new shades and colors but always find myself going back to two of my favorites:: Nars Striptease and Dior  Angelique. 

The two keys for a sun-kissed glow: 1. A good self tanner- Dior is my absolute favorite. 2. A good bronzer-once again Dior is my personal preference. Also obsessed with this soft lights powder by Smashbox to give off a nice, dewey complexion. 

I love hearing about products others love to use and would love to hear your personal favorites!

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