Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Favorites :: Gap

It had been quite some time since I last popped into the Gap and I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw when I stopped by my local store the other day- one of the items that caught my eye was this cute tie sweatshirt. I was even more surprised at what I found online when I got home- so many good tops for spring. I ended up purchasing a few- one sold out already! I ordered this off the shoulder one and this chambray one.

Did you all catch Gisele at the Super Bowl? Of course you did, the camera was pretty much always on her. As much as I seriously dislike her (I know that's terrible but I have my reasons) she still is one of the most beautiful humans on the planet. Can we all agree that in today's world of TOO much makeup (i.e. contouring and the Kardashians) it's seriously refreshing (and at times nauseating) to see natural beauties like Gisele? Seriously though- how, how did she look so beautiful and so put together after what I can imagine were the most stressful four hours of her life? And what I loved the most was her laid back game day style. No crazy heels or tight fitting outfit for G. The Sam & Lavi chambray top she wore to the game reinvigorated my love for denim shirts. Which brings me back to the Gap. They have so many good options right now- I bought this one!

And in case you suddenly have become intrigued with football's most popular couple (it pains me to even type those words) check out their strict diet. No caffeine? No thank you...

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